Monday, January 4, 2016

...Got the Flu!

Mother and Father,

   This week the flu! At least I'm pretty sure that's what I had. I was even running a fever! Yep, that was sure fun. On Tuesday as we started our exchange I started feeling a sore throat, and woke up with it burning. I've not used the new back brace or cream because I did a lot of laying down this week. We kept all of our appointments, even when I really wanted to stay in and sleep, but all of our
unscheduled time was dedicated to resting.

   This week in my feverish brain, I was pondering the scriptures, and I thought about Joseph Smith and the early saints, and how they didn't have things like handy concordances and Preach My Gospel, they only had scriptures. I feel like if someone wants to understand points of the gospel, they are more likely to use the extended resources that are derived from the Book of Mormon. I have realized that the Book of Mormon is complex, and learning the fullness of the gospel and how to apply it directly from the Book of Mormon would be no easy task. To help me be better able to teach from the Book of Mormon, I am going to try to read the Book of Mormon like I am reading it the first time, and see what it tells me about the gospel. I will be reporting my studies weekly.

   I read the talk on the Book of Mormon as the Keystone of Our Religion. President Benson's reminder that the Lord wants us to take the Book of Mormon with utmost seriousness is what spurred my new study method mentioned earlier.

   We just got back from Esh's discount grocery. I got a ton of healthy food and my bill was $15. We had a meeting with our ward mission leader, and the topic was, "Why don't we have people to teach?" We do have some potentials that I am quite excited about. People just need to recognize that meeting with us is one of the most important things they could do. I am feeling a lot better and we
should do a lot of great things this week. Pray that we will keep the spirit with us. And the Saturday thing; if you could just email me a couple scriptures or quotes or testimonies to read in the morning that you feel would be useful, I would greatly appreciate it.


Elder Andrew Campbell

$1 bowling in Estes Park!


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