Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas has passed and now for the New Year!

(Got to Skype our elder at Animal Kingdom this year. Michele had a tablet and we found some wifi that kept shorting out every 15 minutes...but we persevered and had a great visit. Got to even talk to his companion, Elder Moala. What a wonderful trainer he has!)
Mother and Father,

   Christmas was a way difficult time for us. So many people told us that the next time they were going to be available was after the holidays. It left us with empty schedules and us saying "Aww man, what are we supposed to do now?" Christmas, however, was a lot of fun! We went to the Bishop's house and we put together a whole bunch of puzzles. Then we were allowed to watch one movie, so Elder Moala watched Frozen. He loved it. Then it snowed, and snowed, and didn't really stop snowing. Elder Moala drove, while I stuck my head out of the window and directed him. It was both fun and frightening. Then I had to get out and push when we got stuck. Actually, it's snowing right about that?! (I think they are going to have sub zero temperatures. How about that??!!)
   Could you pray for our investigator Rayann? She texted this morning asking for a ride to the hospital. We got Sister Etter to take her. We don't know any other details at the moment.

(After we got off our safari ride I noticed that I'd missed a call from Colorado. I was very sad.)    Also, that extra call was an accident. The buttons on the Bishop's phone are reversed as to what I'm used to, so I accidentally pressed call.
(My parents and I plan on making a week of movie watching. I told him I was going to see the new Hobbit movie.)   I'm really quite jealous about you seeing the new Hobbit movie. It's something that I really wanted to see, but it's going to have to wait a while. (Make a list!)

(The end of the BYU Bowl Game was an embarrassment. Brian was embarrassed about wearing any BYU clothing while at Disney World. SHAME!) I heard there was a brawl at the Miami Beach Bowl. That must have been exciting/awful.
   On New Years, the ward is having a game night, which we shall indubitably attend. Then, we shall likely go home and study! My studies have not been so hot lately because I rolled my ankle in the snow this week. I decided it would be for the best to sleep in and rest it. Which created another conundrum, because I enjoyed it so much. I'm starting to realize that mission rules are set in place as a form of self-deprivation. There's nothing wrong with acting otherwise, but as a missionary, we've pledged to keep those rules, and by breaking them we drive the spirit away. Blessings come from obedience, such as honest truth seekers showing up to church, or the referral I just received a few seconds ago. I didn't break any rules because I'm injured, but it got me thinking. (Andrew and his ankles!)
   The scripture of the week is Alma 26:22. If we can become instruments, and practice the gospel in our lives, there are thousands waiting to hear us. In fact, the stake president made us that promise a few weeks ago. He said he had seen in a vision people flocking to the Fort Collins Temple to do work, and thousands of people who have yet to hear the gospel in this stake are going to accept it, as long as we are willing and worthy tools.

 I hope you have a lovely week. Enjoy the rest of your break, Mom. (Oh, I will, son, I will!!)


Elder Andrew Campbell
(I'll attach some pictures sent from Sis. Pixler...the mom of the home he lives in. It's Christmas morning and he's with the Pixler boys and with his companion, Elder Moala. The one picture is Elder Campbell wearing his gaiter. I don't think he got it quite right!)

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