Monday, December 29, 2014

Sorry...We were at Disney we didn't post!

(Brian and I just arrived at Disney things are a bit topsy turvy. But happy to get a letter from my Fort Collins missionary. Just got a text from the family he's having Christmas we are trying to figure that out. Fun, fun, fun!!)

Mother and Father,

   I write to you with much love and a full heart. I've decided I'm going to really try to answer all of your questions this week. I can't comment on how fast the time has moved. It's sure moved fast though. We actually got another 7 investigators this week. It's a lot, bordering on the edge of overwhelming for only two missionaries in a ward. (Sounds like good things are happening in Fort Collins. Yay!!)

Sister Etter, the bishop's wife, should be sending you a text. I'm going to be at their home for Christmas.(She did....we're just trying to figure out when to contact each other. Phone calls might be easier than Skyping this Christmas. We shall see.)

 I didn't see my patriarchal blessing in those boxes, but I'll give them a more thorough going over. I got it in June of 2013? (He doesn't know where his patriarchal blessing is and it hasn't been filed with the church. Yikes!)
I got a great Christmas card from the Primary. It was so nice. When I get a free moment, I'll read over it more! (Thank you Primary!)
I don't recall having a Christmas party with the mission president. We don't party in this mission, we WORK! That's something that he would say if I suggested having a party. He is really awesome. I'm also never going to tell him this, but he has really cool hair. (What a funny boy!)

I also sang with the ward choir for the Christmas program. It was a lot of fun.
 I asked Elder Moala about the Tongan missionary from Chicago, but he didn't know of any.

(I'm trying to find housing for Peter for summer term at BYU.) Casa Dea was the name of the apartments I recommend! They are just as far from campus as Moon, but they are a bit cheaper. They are also about 5 times nicer. The people there were really nice too.

(Our former Japanese exchange student sent us a Christmas card and wondered about Andrew and his music.) As far as Sako's question about music, Elder Moala and I rewrote, "If You Could Hie To Kolob" yesterday. He just started playing and I just started singing, and it turned out really awesome. Sister Pixler came down and asked us who it was by, to which I responded, "Me. I wrote it in my head a few minutes ago". I also know pretty much no Japanese at this point. Sensei would be so disappointed.

I wondered if it was cold yet.)  It started snowing today. We've had some cold snaps, but it's been really mild. That Missionary Mall coat is super duper warm as well. The cold doesn't bother me as much as it used to.
 We met with an investigator on Saturday, and it was a really emotional experience. She now has a baptism date for January 10th. Prayers would be really appreciated! The zone leaders called us and told us that we had the best finding numbers in the zone. I think that's really silly because most of our investigators have landed in our laps.

 I'm attaching a picture of Elder Moala, Elder Sewell, and I in aprons. Elder Sewell was with us on an exchange for the night. We were cooking potstickers at a member's home. I don't know what was going on with my hair. (I want to know what was going on with the aprons. Pretty funny)
 One thing I've been working on is loving everyone I see. Every time we enter someone's home, all I can do is just feel an incredible amount of love for that person. It's a great feeling.

What's this I hear about Lodi becoming part of the Modesto mission? That is super cool. (I think so too!)

Could I get Grandma's email? That would be marvelous! (I will try!)


Elder Andrew Campbell

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