Monday, January 19, 2015

Good News: The Library is Open...Bad News: Car Accident

(Due to it being MLK holiday, I didn't think we'd get an email from our missionaries today. But it looks like Fort Collins came through!! Happy to hear from Elder Andrew Campbell.)

Mother and Father,

   (We're going through some tough situations right now, and these are the wise words our missionary had to share.)  A man in our ward, whom I respect very much, told me that serving a mission was the best thing I could do for my family, so hopefully I'm helping you out. Surprisingly enough, the library is open today, so that is why you're getting this right now!
  (I wondered if he needed to worry about filing taxes this year.) Before I left, I added my salary at BYU, and I didn't get $2000, the amount required to file, so I think I'm good in that aspect. If you could check that out for me though, it would be great! (I guess I'd better check it out.)
  (Our oldest son has been invited to present at the upcoming BYU Video Gaming Symposium. BJ wanted tips on how to present, so I asked Elder Campbell.)
I remember when BJ told me about his plan for the symposium, and he wanted my advice. I believe I said something along the lines of "follow your heart". That's excellent, and I know he'll do great. He can just play the game in front of the class and he'll be good, right?

  (BJ also found a link on Google News this week about Andrew's video game he was working on before he left on his mission. It's called "DUST" and here's the link: Your news about "DUST" also excites me very much. I hope it goes well and makes a big impact and blows up my resume. 
 (Brian and I went to a BYU vs UOP basketball game on Thursday. It was very fun and BYU won!) Your news about BYU brings me great joy. If you could let me know what their record for the season is, I would like that very much. (I need to get on that too!)
  The other Elder Campbell appears to be in the Loveland Stake. I may meet him eventually. A new elder in the mission is from Hope Mills. He told me that he knew Peter. How about that? (That's neat...what is his name, however?????)
  (This is the investigator I've been praying for.) We took Michael to a baptism on Saturday. He really enjoyed it. He keeps finding doctrines he doesn't like, telling us that he's done investigating, then coming to an understanding and being back in the action. I consider him my intellectual and spiritual superior in every way, and don't know how to talk to him. He needs prayers really badly. Pray that Rayann will heal and find a new place to live. Her current conditions are not conducive to healthy living. And please, please, please pray for Carlos. He is at a crossroads, and he needs to make the right choice. Lastly, pray for Madeline and Eliza, they're not in our ward, but they're in our district and they are getting baptized on Saturday. (I need to write these names all down...I'm too old to remember them.)

I love you both so very much,

Elder Andrew Campbell
(Of course it doesn't end just gets better. Here's the REST OF THE STORY!!!!)
Oh yeah, we got in a car crash this week. I got some internal bruising, but I'm all right. The car got a bit beat up, and Elder Moala lost his driving privileges. We have a red Toyota Corolla now, and I'm the full-time driver. Exactly what I wanted, right?! (PLEASE, EVERYONE PRAY FOR HIM. This makes me super nervous!!!! I wonder if Elder Moala is okay. More grey hairs are popping out all over!)
The picture is of Elder Andrew Campbell holding a puppy.

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