Monday, January 26, 2015

Spring Fever in January!!

Mother and Father,

  The weather is so beautiful right now I think I'm going to scream. It's 70 degrees outside. I'm tired of the cold, it's just so depressing. (He better not get too Spring Feverish....he could have negative numbers hit him just around the corner. It's still WINTER!!)

(I told him we'd had meatloaf, baked potatoes and banana cream pie for Sunday dinner...I wondered what he'd had.)
For Sunday dinner we ate with the Pixlers actually (They are the sweet family they live with). Sister Pixler made macaroni and cheese and muffins. I put honey and butter on the muffins and wow, they were good.

(I had oral surgery last week...receding gums. OUCH!) I'm sorry that you had periodontal work, but I'm glad that it finally happened. It's been a while since you started meeting with Dr. Gordon.
(I wanted to know more about his car accident he was in last week. I wanted to know how he knew he had internal bruising. I also wanted to know if the accident was weather related. I only got one of my questions answered.) So, I know I got internal bruising because I went to Kaiser and they told me. It's almost all better now. It was really not a big deal. Elder Moala wasn't hurt, and in his own words, "It's really hard for me to get hurt." I think football does that to you. I'm a wimp in comparison. We had a white Toyota Corolla previously. Being the designated driver is really good for me. Not to say that I enjoy it, but I'm becoming a much better driver for the experience. I also don't have to carry the phone anymore, which is a lot less stressful, haha. My driving on snow has been relatively uneventful. We had one close call, but I'm pretty careful. (I don't want to hear about ANY close calls!)
  (A good friend, Elder Austin Mariana came home from his mission this past week.)  Having Austin home is exciting. I'm not getting trunky, but I think a lot about how I plan on living my life after my mission. I made a lot of dumb decisions before my mission, and mission life has taught me a lot about making life a more beautiful, worthwhile experience.(I would like to know what his dumb decisions were.....hmmmmm!)
   (Last email he mentioned that there was new missionary from Hope Mills, NC that knew Elder Peter Campbell. I guess that it was Elder Robertson. His grandma fed Peter on Christmas day and told me she had a grandson heading to Fort Collins. I'll have to let her know how he's doing!) Yes, it's Elder Robertson that I talked to. He seemed like a really good guy. He's going to make an excellent missionary.

(I wondered how his investigators were doing.) I thought Michael was dropped for real this week, but I just got an email from him in which he mentioned that he was investigating the LDS church. He's mingled with some of the best minds and strongest spirits to be found in our stake, and they have been keeping him going. He works as an evangelist of Christian belief to Jews and Muslims, as he is a former Jewish believer. His family has abandoned and ostracized him for becoming a Christian. Apparently his children don't even talk to him. We have some lessons scheduled for next week that we're really excited about. We put one investigator on a baptismal date this week, and we're shooting for at least 3 more this week.
  (I finally sent him BYU men's basketball's record.)  BYU's record is looking pretty good. The season is looking quite good, but their conference record is a bit lacking. They need to get their acts together and win the conference title.

I hope you have an excellent week and I love you both very much. (And we love you very much TOO!)


Elder Andrew Campbell

Picture #1 is Elder Moala and the freezer of pizza and ice cream. YUM!
Picture #2: No idea where they are...but I DON'T like that sign on the fence.

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