Monday, April 13, 2015

Tired, Dizzy and a Headache

(We're in Idaho at Elder Campbell's grandma's funeral. I always hope for a good week and it looks like it was a good and a not so good week. I never know what to expect from Elder Campbell!!)

Mother and Father,

   This week was a rough one for me. I came down with some sort of sickness. I felt tired, dizzy, and had a headache all week. It's gotten a lot better this week, but the headache is still there. The mission nurse thinks it might be related to allergies, and wants to talk to me about them. I may be getting an allergy shot this week. After having a runny nose 24/7 since I was 14, you can say I'm pretty excited by the possibilities. I need you to do some research for me, Mom. What are some supplements I can take and foods I can eat to increase my energy? My ability to do the Lord's work is being hindered by my constant exhaustion. (I think being a missionary is exhausting. I wonder if his medication he takes causes tiredness. I know allergies can make you tired too. So....does anyone have ideas about supplements or foods he can eat to increase energy?)
   (Since his grandma and grandpa are both gone now....the grandkids were told to pick out favorite things for inheritances. This is what Elder Campbell chose.) Personally, I would really like the metal Campbell insignia that has been hanging on the wall in the basement, in the room at the end of the hall on the left. I asked Dad once if I could have it, and he said no, but I'm going in for a second chance?! (BUMMER...another cousin already took it. Ooops!) BJ finding that pin is a good find, I would like something "Campbell-y" as well. I wish I could be with the family, but I know where I need to be. (Luckily, Aunt Connie Jo found some Campbell signs we'll bring home for him. Hopefully that will be okay.)
   The positive highlights of the week: 1. We had a lesson with Albert, which went really well. We have another scheduled for tomorrow. I believe he is the most likely investigator to be baptized this transfer. (I'll pray for him!!!)
2. We had a zone meeting! I think the best way to describe the Fort Collins zone is it is "stacked". There's a lot of good missionaries working here and we may even set a record for baptisms in Fort Collins in a transfer. We shall see!
3. We taught Michael the final investigator discussion on Saturday. He is seriously considering baptism. Prayers are needed all around for him. (This investigator has come and gone so I'm hoping he'll be baptized.)
   I'd like to ask another favor. Could you work on getting me my priesthood line of authority? Oh yeah, I also got a letter from Molly this week. I guess the song we made is on Amazon and Itunes now. You and all your friends should go buy it. (I'm not sure what the name of the song is...I'm guessing it might be this that I found on Amazon.  Do you think you could send me her email address? I would like that pedigree chart and Grandma's life story as well. I'm just a beggar today. I hope the funeral is lovely, and have a safe trip back home. (I'll attach the family tree to this email so everyone can see what Michele Campbell created while she was in Swan Valley for the funeral.)


Elder Andrew Campbell

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