Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter

(Happily, this is a much more positive email this week than last week....THANK GOODNESS!! His companion knows lots of Lodi folks...YEAH!!)

Mother and Father,

   Things are a lot better this week. Elder Mangrum is a good man. We talk a lot about how we can grow closer as a companionship and be more consecrated disciples. Wow, I feel really ill right now. I just feel dizzy and tired. I got a call from President Brown about Grandma this morning. He asked me to call Dad and talk to him, so a call will be coming this afternoon when he gets home from work. (Brian's mom passed away. Peter got to call, too. Not a fun way to get a phone call from your missionary....but I'll take it!)
   Elder Mangrum knows all the folks from Third Ward. He knows Mikayla Kidd, Patrick Kelly, Clay Shields, and of course, the Andersons. He wants to be a good district leader, and is doing the very best he can. It's going to be a good transfer! (HALLELUJAH!)
   (I asked about his favorite talks from our Church's General Conference this past weekend. The speakers all spoke in Salt Lake City and we watched it on BYUtv.) Sister Burton's talk really touched me. I think a lot about being a father and a husband. It weighs on my mind very much, and to hear her speak about it gave me hope. (He'll be a wonderful husband and father...but right now he needs to be more concerned about being the best missionary possible.) Elder Anderson's talk was also very excellent. I like to hear leader's talk about the current and living state of the church. It's clear that president Monson's health is not good. I will be praying for him.
  (I asked about his Easter dinner and his favorite meal, so far!)  Last night we ate a pork roast with the H. family. It was really good. I ate the best thing I ever had on my mission. It was macaroni and cheese made by Sister J. It was one of Sister McC's recipes. It was SO GOOD.
   Thank you for the kind messages. I just feel futile in my efforts sometimes. Missions are hard! I often feel like I'm making a terrible use of my time. Bringing people to Christ is tough business. In good news, we have an appointment with A., R's friend, tomorrow, and we also discovered a way to contact a referral we got from R., so we have some great prospects for teaching this week. M. has been silent this past week. He sent me an email about how coffee was becoming less and less appealing to him. Oh, and it's an AP, not an MP. We don't have military police, haha! (When I mentioned MP...I meant Mission President...not Military Police. Silly b


Elder Andrew Campbell

P.S. Attached is a picture of Annie. I met her on my second day in the field. She was born the week I entered the field. Essentially, this puppy has grown with me! (The other pictures are of Easter dyeing...I'm guessing and maybe a picture from Horsetooth Mountain.)


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