Monday, April 27, 2015

Welcome to Casper and Riverton, WY!!

(Only two more weeks and it's transfer time. He mentions two new stakes being added to his mission and that he's not sure he'd like to serve there. I'm wondering if he just JINXED himself. We shall see on May 11th!)
Mother and Father,

   This week was a really good week.We found 3(!) new investigators. And they're all quite promising. M and J were a referral from the Bishop in the Terry Lake Ward and they are people of incredible faith. When we knocked on their door, they were so happy to see us. Jana is from the Czech Republic. That's so cool, because our other new investigator, A, is from Slovakia. They should get together and form mini-Czechslovakia. She just came out of nowhere, and she's already read the Book of Mormon, and believes every word we say. She's moving to Longmont this week, though. (Maybe he'll get transferred to Longmont...I'm not even sure where that is!)
   I got your package, as well as a little package from the youth. They gave me cookies and some very nice notes. (Thank you Lodi 1st Ward youth!!) I've been taking the supplements. I haven't seen a difference yet, but I'm sure I will. I did some dieting this week as well as additional exercise, and I lost some weight. Could you send me a Doterra supplement for weight loss? I really need to get back down to a healthy weight. (I can send him supplements, but they really aren't and exercise are what it takes!)
  (We had a baptism in our ward.)  I'm so happy for J. I'm glad he made the first step, and as long as he applies it in his life continually, he will get it.

   I'm so sorry, I forgot to acknowledge your birthday. (I'll attach the picture I sent him of me with a birthday bouquet I received from a friend...not from any of my boys!!)  However, Mother's Day is coming up soon, and you are for sure getting something. Could you send me Grandma's address as well? She deserves something too. You are just too good to me, Mom. I love the Apple and Banana chips. Banana chips must be one of my favorite things ever. I get so much candy that I always have a stockpile, but I ate almost none of it this week. I'm done with unhealthy eating!  (I will  have to find HEALTHY snacks to send from now on!)
   You're going to North Carolina? (First we're going to washington DC and THEN NC) That's so exciting! Airbnb did work out really well for us. I highly recommend it. In fact, you could rent out my room on airbnb if you'd like. (Sorry, I'm already using it for storage...HA!) I hope Jerry gives you some tickets. I won't mention the name of the man who could have given you some tickets...(You can write to your Congressman and request tickets to the White House, the Capitol, etc. Hopefully we'll get some.)
   M and A have stagnated again. A has been stuck in Longmont with his broken-down car for two weeks now. We've tried to get him help, but nothing has seemed to work. He could have been baptized this transfer until he broke down...I feel like Longmont steals everyone from us.
   You know, I'm going to try to take some pictures this week. We just haven't done anything worthy of photographic recognition recently We'll do something exciting, just for you! Today we're going to go to Moroni Books! I want to get a journal because I've been a poor journal writer. If I could get a dedicated journal, I'd be much more inspired to write in it.
   Our mission gets Riverton and Casper in two days, I have mixed feelings about whether I want to go there or not. Regardless, I will go where I am called.


Elder Andrew Campbell

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