Monday, July 13, 2015

Bless the ward....

( pictures. I guess since he just wrote on Friday I should be happy I got anything from Elder Campbell!)

Mother and Father,

   It's good to talk to you again! We got our new ward mission leader! (I prayed that they would. YEAH!!) His name is Brother Martin. He is the primary pianist as well. We have yet to meet with him, but hopefully will soon.

(He said he had lost his missionary money card. I asked him how he had lost it? He didn't answer that question. But at least he's getting a new one even though there is a penalty!) As far as my card goes I need to hear back from one of the senior missionaries, who will order a new one. The only penalty is a $15 charge. I have plenty of money on it, so I'm not worried. (Of course not...when it's not your money. HA!)
   Rick came to Vicki's baptism and really enjoyed it. (Is Vicki the lady they were teaching a few weeks ago??? I have so many questions and not so many answers.) He said it was really inspiring. Unfortunately he didn't come to church, but we had a lesson with him afterwords, and it went pretty well. He understands
the lessons so well, and it makes me happy. He committed to baptism, but is going to pray about the date.

   I truly have been happy and healthy! One thing that hasn't changed has been my sleepiness. Morning studies are still a huge battle for me. I think some more supplements would be great! (Just ordered some on Amazon!)

I haven't really been thinking about Pioneer Day. I don't really know if anything is going on or not. If so, we will let you know! (I was trying to think of things to write about. Pioneer Day sounded like a good subject....HA!)
   Oh yeah! We also had interviews with President Brown this week. He told me that I need to focus on blessing our ward. The auxiliary leaders are most worried about the number of people on our roster that have moved, so we are going to help them fix it. The church has a very intense 9 step process for getting people removed from your ward list. It may not appear very impressive, but I so hope that we can be a real help to the Flatirons Ward.


Elder Andrew Campbell

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