Monday, July 27, 2015

You Are Your Own Gym!

(Yay...he has received all of his packages....BOO...he has not got his money card yet!)

Mother and Father,

   I'm so sorry about never mentioning my Fourth of July package. I loved everything in it. Elder A wasn't so excited that I was getting an instrument. (It was just a small, annoying instrument). Thank you for talking to Sister S. I was talking to her, and I knew that for some reason, you and her needed to talk to each other. I knew it would make you both happy, so I set it up. (It did make me happy. She had such nice things to say about our missionary!) 

I did get my DoTerra supplements, and they continue to make me very happy.

My back started hurting last night (NOOOOO!!!) and continued into this morning. I  pent a few hours laying on my bed to give it some rest, and it feels like it did some good.

During the district leader meeting, I discussed with Elder P how hard it was for me to get up in the morning and he gave me his workout program called "You Are Your Own Gym". (I LOVE that name!) I don't know why grueling exercise gets me out of bed, but it seems to be working. I've been painfully sore, but I actually enjoy the exercise. It's just a set of body workouts split up by upper body days, and leg/core days.

I wouldn't be worried about my birthday package quite yet. (HA! He should know his mom better than that. I'm a worrier!) Transfers are next week. There are 13 new elders coming in and I think I'll probably be training one of them. I don't know this, but I think it's a good possibility. (I guess we shall see!) 

So, the steps for getting an unknown or moved person off the records are intense. They involve asking the neighbors where they went, searching for them on social media, searching public records, etc. (That sounds like a job I would love!!)

A family in the ward called the M had their son visit a few weeks ago, and it turns out that he's the stake president of the Manteca Stake. He asked for a picture with me to send to President A. You should ask him about it.(I will!) 

I do have one incredible miracle to share with you. On Monday night I got an email from my best friend, Brother L. He told me that his daughter had an emergency, and she requested a blessing. On Tuesday afternoon we met up with him, taught his daughter and her boyfriend a lesson, and gave her a blessing. I never thought we could ever teach a lesson to them, but it happened. (What a wonderful miracle!)

I have not received my card yet. I heard it can take a long time. (Goodbye money!) 

I'll be praying for you as you prepare to begin work. (Ready or I come Kindergarten.) 

(I want to start cleaning out the boys bedrooms and get rid of stuff. I've asked them to tell me what they want to keep.)  I'm not super keen on keeping the stuff in the bedroom, but I wouldn't mind keeping some old games for nostalgia's sake.

(Back to the birthday box!) A tie that's a bit on the nicer side would be a great birthday present!

I think that answers all your questions. I love you very much, and will be praying for each of you. (And we love him so very much!)


Elder Andrew Campbell
(I think the picture he sent is of him and his best friend, Brother L. If not, it's the Manteca Stake President.)

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