Friday, July 10, 2015

Organic Food in Boulder, CO!

(This is what I got on Monday:  I have to switch my preparation day to Thursday. Today was crazy. I will send an email then! Then this is what I got on Thursday: Hey Mom, we had a surprise zone meeting today, so preparation day
can't happen. I promise to email tomorrow. So then the email FINALLY came! YAY!!)

Mother and Father,

   It's a good thing I was unable to write you on Monday because nothing really happened last week. This week has been a trip, however! On the Fourth of July, we had a district leader council in the morning, in which we discussed the new system of district goals that we are implementing. We then went tracting and street contacting. We were told we were expected to proselytize until 9pm, so that's what we did. We found a new investigator named R. He's great and sincere, but we found he's homeless and asking for help, which makes things harder, especially for poor missionaries. Speaking of poor, I lost my MSF card! (THAT does not make me happy. That's the card that has his monthly money on it. Now he's using his personal debit card. Bother!!)
   This Monday we spent 7 hours moving the H family to Arvada. They are going to be living in the Arvada First Ward! We got in contact with the Bishop and a big moving crew arrived to help them in Arvada. Then on Tuesday, we went on exchanges with my best friend Elder Moala! We went tracting up on Nederland, the town up in the mountains, and got a call while up there from the only active member that lives there. She asked us when we'd get time to come up and give a less-active man a blessing. Good thing was, we were already there! (Tender mercy!!)
   On Wednesday we taught R a lesson, and he understood it very well. The message of the Restoration is exciting to him. This Thursday, we had a zone meeting. The mission goal until August fourth is 35 baptisms. I believe that our zone is capable of reaching our goal of 6. This Saturday, the Spanish sisters are having a baptism for the mother of a relatively recent convert in our ward. She moved here from the Dominican Republic to watch her grandkids, and the Book of Mormon hit her like a ton of bricks. As the district leader, I had the pleasure of interviewing her baptism via translator.

   Well, I just got back from the grocery store! I was kind of sad buying groceries with my personal card, but it had to be done. (That makes me sad too!) It's confession time. Ever since I came to Boulder, I've been getting into organic food. The more I've looked at the ingredients in my food, the more I realize that the weird unpronounceable stuff in it probably isn't good for my body. So, I've been getting food with less artificial ingredients. I will say that it's helped me feel really great. I don't really have days where I just "don't feel well" anymore. (Looks like he's becoming a true Coloradan!!)
   Stuff has been crazy, but I do have a belated birthday card for Dad in the works. (Brian's birthday was July 3rd...yup, it's belated!) In regards to the missionaries doing fun stuff, it's not allowed in the mission. Companionships  aren't allowed to see any other missionaries ever without President Brown's explicit permission. (I was wondering how it worked in his mission. Looks like it's very strict.)
   (Missionaries are coming home early from their missions due to anxiety and depression. Luckily, for us, Andrew dealt with his issues before he left. We didn't really realize that he had a problem because he dealt with it so well. So grateful he got help to make his life a positive one!) I have been thinking a lot about my anxiety recently, and I've realized how bad it used to be. A lot of the breakdowns I had, especially the ones I had in college, were caused by the emotional instability I didn't realize I had. Once I saw a doctor, who referred me to the psychiatrist, I started taking the medicine, and things started to improve. The only thing I noticed at first was the panic attacks started to reduce, but I now recognize a serious improvement in my emotional instability. I used to have tear-filled breakdowns all the time, but I can't recall having one since I got medicated. Other things that I've seen improve my ability to survive on a mission is taking those energy supplements, and eating healthier foods, like I mentioned earlier. I have a clarity of mind and energy in my body that I've been craving for a long time. In other words, I just feel really good! ( if he could just find his MSF card!!!!)
   (Peter was told last week that he'd make a good research assistant, but we don't know how to become one.) Funny story, when the Laycock Center hired me to produce music, my job title was research assistant. It is basically anyone who works for a professor to help them work on projects. So, you would make good friends with professors to get that job! (So start making friends PETER!!)
   So, this is week 3 without a ward mission leader. Elder Nielson has spent his whole time here without one. Pray that we'll get one! (I'll add that to my list!)

Love you all,

Elder Andrew Campbell
Pictures of Elder Campbell with his trainer, Elder Moala, who is now his Zone Leader. We love that missionary!!

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