Monday, September 14, 2015

Elder Campbell is heading to LONGMONT!!

Yup, Elder Campbell is leaving Boulder and heading to Longmont. He's most excited about the Café Rio there!!. HA!)

Mother and Father,

Well, I have to say that something is happening to Elder Campbell. I am transferring to the Saddleback Ward of the Longmont Stake. I will be with Elder Tiai. He is from Samoa. He has a bit of a reputation, which scares me, but his trainer has told me that he is trying to turn a new leaf. In a way, I guess that means I can have a part in helping him do that. (I hope it is all good!)

   (I read that that the new Fort Collins Temple was vandalized. That made me very sad.) I don't know much about the temple vandalism, except that I know
the stake center was being constantly vandalized when I was in Fort Collins. Colorado has enough angry people that I don't think it was members.

    There wasn't as much of a ruckus about the BYU game as last time, but I did hear that the win was off a Hail Mary with 45 seconds left. I will say that I am impressed with how BYU has been winning. Those are probably both bigger wins than they ever got last year. (They have both been HEART ATTACK games!!)

   (We have horrible fires right now and people in our stake have lost their homes.) I'm sorry to hear about Murphys and San Andreas. A lot of people
are talking about the drought in California.

    (I'm speaking to the Young Women on Wednesday about faith and I wondered if he had any examples.) I remember when Peter got his cancer diagnosis, you gave me a call and told me that faith in the gospel was the way through this trial. You said we had to choose to let this bring our family closer together, not
further apart. That is when you showed great faith to me.

    (Peter is in charge of feeding 350 in a week. He's supposed to do a salad bar. Here's Elder Campbell's suggestions.) Peter should use his budget to get $5 large pizzas from Papa Murphy's. You can feed a lot of people a lot of those.

     Oh yeah, thank you for the Flonase!

    I am excited for my fellow district leaders in Longmont. Elder Carlson and Elder Inouye are excellent missionaries. Elder Pratt says that we are going to lift the zone, but I will settle for those two to lift the zone.

    There is also a Cafe Rio in Longmont, which gets me incredibly excited. In all honesty, the work has been slow here this week, and the Flatirons Ward is  hard one. I'm excited for a transfer, honestly.

    Anywho, I will keep you in my prayers.


Elder Andrew Campbell

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