Monday, September 21, 2015

From Boulder to Firestone, CO!

(Looks like he's in the Longmont Stake but is living in a place called Firestone. I looked it up and there are only 10,000 people. pretty small!)

Mother and Father,

  I do have answers to your questions! I drove to Longmont with my new Zone Leader, Elder Noh. Much later in the day, missionaries going down to Boulder picked my suitcase up from the stake center and drove it there. My bike did not come with me to Boulder. The last time I saw it was in the zone leader's apartment in Fort Collins. (He better find that was a very nice one!) I am awful at packing and it was really a game of shoving stuff into a suitcase. (I can just imagine) I don't think I forgot anything. My companion's name can be spelled T I. Just say the letters after each other. I laughed a bit when you said you hoped he was exactly obedient. Elder Tiai is known as a missionary that cannot be controlled. Like every transfer, I am just trying to keep my head above water, let alone trying to lose myself in the work. I think that is the fate I have been subjected to. We are living in the home of a less-active brother named Brother W. We haven't really talked religion, but I hear he left the church and became a prominent Druid. There is a lot of tree-based art in the house. (That's nice he let's missionaries live with him.) We live in the town of Firestone, in the tiniest Ward I have seen outside of Utah. This is known as the tri-cities area east of Longmont, containing Firestone, Frederick, and Dacono. We were at Miner Days over the weekend for a service project, and there was a company that gives snow cones out for free to missionaries. (YUM!) Despite what the map says, we are much closer to Longmont than Boulder, though it is nice to see the Flatirons without actually having to live in Boulder.
   Our address is Stagecoach Ave
Firestone, Colorado 80504-3480
   We have a lot of eternal investigators in this Ward. There are several people who attend church regularly but don't want to be baptized. My main worry is that Elder Tiai's goal is to get them baptized, when we should be bringing them closer to Jesus Christ. We have a guy on date who is very not ready, but Elder Tiai wants him to go forward anyway. We also have a teenage girl whose parents won't let her get baptized. Last night Elder Tiai felt prompted to visit an old investigator, and her daughter had just been diagnosed with several brain tumors. We are going to give here a blessing tonight. Pray for Holly's family! (I most certainly will!)


Elder Andrew Campbell

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