Monday, October 5, 2015

3 Apostles Tied to the Fort Collins Mission

(Not much shared about his week, but he definitely loved General Conference.)

Mother and Father,

   Here is what President Brown said about our new apostles:

We enjoyed participating in the historical opportunity of sustaining three new apostles in conference. It was reported that the last time the Church had that opportunity was in 1906. Each of the new apostles have a tie to and interest in the Colorado Fort Collins Mission.

Elder Ronald Rasband presided over the ground breaking of the Fort Collins Colorado Temple in August of 2013. He also instructed Sister Brown and me at a mission president's seminar for the North America Central Area last October, 2014. He is a seasoned, capable and humble servant of the Lord.

Bishop Gary Stevenson presided over a stake conference in Laramie in October of 2013. There he encouraged the members to share a name with the missionaries to teach, describing the tenacity of elders serving in his ward in Utah who followed up regularly with his family until they did.

Elder Dale Renlund has assisted President Craig Christensen the last year in working with the North America Central Area, our area. He instructed us at our mission president seminar in April of this year. He emphasized the need to better prepare people for baptism and confirmation by beginning with the end in mind, helping them make and keep commitments, more fully repent and meet the qualifications listed in D&C 20:37.

   Each of them has a loose connection to my mission. I walked into conference with one main question: How can the gospel of Jesus Christ help me live a more abundant life? President Uchtdorf answered that question handily in the first talk of conference and I was left wishing I had asked more questions. I also had an epiphany this week about the Sabbath day. I was pondering on how I used to consider the Sabbath to be a burden more than anything else, and I came to the
realization of what the Sabbath is for. If the Celestial Kingdom requires us to be sanctified beyond belief, then an incredible amount of sanctification needs to take place before then. Our regular day-to-day actions make it very difficult to become sanctified individuals, and thy is why, once a week, God tells us to drop
everything and go get sanctified! I used to take 6 hour naps on the Sabbath, but I now realize that I was not keeping it holy. I used to think that sitting alone in a dark room eating saltines was an appropriate activity for the Sabbath. I now realize that the sin is not in the sin of commission, but in omission. We fail to keep it a holy day by failing to fill it with sanctifying activity! Who knew?!

   We are getting the area book planner app this week. That means no
more paper planners or area books! I pray it goes well.


Elder Andrew Campbell

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