Monday, October 26, 2015

Back in Saddleback!!

(I asked our missionary where he was and all I got was that he was returning to Saddleback. Well, is that in Frederick? Firestone? Dacano? Heavens...I have no idea!! His new companion sounds amazing and someone he should click with....HOPEFULLY. Please pray for our missionary!)

Mother and Father,

   Well, this is transfer week and I am returning to Saddleback. My companion is going to be Elder Johnson. All I know about him is that he is an excellent violinist, an excellent singer, and he can dunk a basketball. This week we had some more crazy stuff happen. Elder Tiai was transferred to the Severance Ward early, so Elder Stanford, Elder Sommer, and I have been companions since Thursday. Elder Stanford is from Hayward, California, and he loves to surf. He is a direct descendant of Leland Stanford. We haven't really had the chance to do a whole lot because I was sick this week, and we have had so much switching around. I hope for some normalcy starting tomorrow. (He probably got sick from all the drama!!)

   So, the other two wards in the tri-town area are kind of large, but Saddleback is so small. It is about 5 square miles, with three sub-divisions. The church has blown up over the past few years in our area, so we have a new church building in Frederick. It is really nice. They used to travel to Longmont for church. The town is a set of really nice developments that are really new and modern, surrounded by horse farms. The tri-town area has four Subways though, so I approve. Our area has a couple hills, with mostly flat prairie land. It is REALLY dry. There is a fair amount of deciduous trees that have been really pretty in the fall. It has been about the coldest that Lodi gets in the midst of winter. We had the first freeze the other morning. I am eating far too well. The people spoil us out here. Brother M takes us to Cafe Rio every Saturday. We had this rice baked with pig fat at S's house. It was...interesting. (He needs to do some biking....too much good food!)

   I think I could use some new shoes. The second pair is coming to the end. (And the size and brand would be what????) Maybe a new pair of black slacks would be nice! (Usual size??? So much direction this elder is giving me!) I don't know much about the house we are moving into, but I heard that Sister M makes breakfast every morning. (What? Too much good food!!) There is a nice non-member couple next door we did service for a while ago. It's in a gated neighborhood with a lake!. I can throw rocks on it when it freezes. (Hey, that's what I'd do..right??) My zone leaders are going to be Elder Brazell and Elder Buchanan. I am the district leader! The other district leaders are Elder Inouye and Elder Carlson. The mission office is about 25-ish miles away.

  I pet a bearded dragon a few weeks ago. He was a good lizard. He just seemed really intelligent. (That was sort of random!!) I get to go to Saddleback's Halloween party this Saturday!

    S is doing well. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I believe she understands it. She just needs to keep her commitments. We are about to carve pumpkins. (Did I get any pictures? NO!! Sadness!!)

   Wish me luck and pray for me!


Elder Andrew Campbell

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