Monday, November 30, 2015

Fried Turkey in Jalapeno Oil!

Mother and Father,

   (Got a screaming deal on Rockport's from an online store called 6pm. Thank you BJ!!) First of all, the new shoes are great. I especially appreciate the water-proofing, because we shoveled a lot of snow this week, and my other shoes have too many holes. They also look great. I am a fan.

    Thanksgiving is a hard time for a missionary. I give props to Elder
Moala for taking me in just as Thanksgiving was beginning. I now realize how hard he worked to get people for us to visit last Thanksgiving because this week was brutal. We didn't make very many contacts this week. The Bundy family was so kind to us on Thanksgiving. They fried a turkey in jalapeño oil and it was pretty good. I will try to get a hold of some pictures of the event. There
were a lot of people there. (I would LOVE a picture or two!)

    Yesterday marked the beginning of the church's "A Savior is Born" campaign. I was very surprised by the video they released. They took an entirely different approach from the normal feel-good message they usually put out. This one doesn't really give you any message at all. It invites you to go discover it. It has a different kind of power than the other recent videos. I...just don't know what to say. I already know it will drum up interest, I am just excited to see how. (I've already shared it on FB!)

    Elder Johnson says that if your kindergarteners are rambunctious and adorable, then they must be a double threat. (He ain't kidding!)

   Transfers are December the 8th! Who knows what will happen. I like being with Elder Johnson, so there's that. We did sing in Sacrament meeting last week, and it went well. Everyone started crying; though I don't feel like my voice has that much emotional impact.(Maybe they were crying for a different reason...just sayin'!)  I also got to hear Elder Johnson play the violin. He is incredible. He could be a professional if he so desired.

    I wish I had more to tell you about. We had a good lesson with Matt, but we just need to figure out what is holding him back. He issuch a good man. Anywho, I hope you all have an excellent week. I want to see a picture of moustachioed Peter. (Peter participated in Movember...growing facial hair--no-shave November--to raise awareness of men's cancers like testicular and prostate. He said he'll shave it off today or tomorrow.)


Elder Andrew Campbell

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