Monday, November 2, 2015

Longmont vs Firestone, CO!

(So relieved to get a GOOD letter. He's finally with a companion that he can relate to....YEAH!!)

Mother and Father,

   You got that right, I am back in the Saddleback Ward. We are now living with the M family. Brother M was called to be the first counselor of the bishopric on Sunday. He works as a manager for Discount Tire. He is a big deal there because he has a case full of awards the company has given him. Sister M is a realtor and she makes us breakfast in the morning. (I want to live with them!) She was worried about housing the missionaries but says the past week has been a delight. (Awwww!!)

    Sister T was right, Elder Johnson and I are birds of a feather. (Can I hear....HALLELUJIAH!!!) Elder Johnson is from Perry, Utah, but he says Brigham City because everyone knows where that is. He has been serving for two transfers longer than me. He began his mission in Rapid City, South Dakota, was transferred to Casper, Wyoming, got absorbed into our mission, and went to Loveland, and is now here. He is a concert violinist who has played since he was three, and spent his free-time producing electronic music.(And Elder Campbell creates electronic music...YAHOO!)  His current plan is to study electrical engineering at Utah State, but he is proficient in more than a dozen instruments and is tempted to be a music major, even though he doesn't want to. Stick with electrical engineering, Elder Johnson!!) He has a older sister, an older brother, and two younger brothers.

    Our new address is Pelican Shores Drive
Firestone, Colorado 80504-5264 (Except I looked it up and it said it was Longmont, CO. I don't know what to do about packages. I think I'll send them to Longmont, CO). I know you are going to look it up, but it is a nice house. (Yup, I looked it up and it's a VERY nice house and it says Longmont, CO and not Firestone, CO).

  My proselyting shoes are size 12, but my running shoes are size 13. I guess closer to twelve would be fine. (I am very nervous about sending shoes by mail. I'm going to use Zappos since they have an easy return policy and free shipping.)  I fell off of my exercise boat but I'd like to think I'm back on it. I am doing jump rope now. You Are Your Own Gym helped me build a lot of muscle, but I need to get smaller so I can stay in my clothes. (Yes, since I just bought some new dress pants.)

   I enjoyed my extra hour of sleep on Saturday night, and it got me
ready for a busy day. We have been so busy, but it's the kind of busy that has left me looking back and wondering what I was so busy doing. It is still rewarding at the end of the day.

   We were the judges for the Halloween Party's chili cook-off. Chili is not my favorite kind of food, but it was good. A delicious kind of white chili won it all. So
many people came that we filled the entire cultural hall and it was still standing room only.

   Elder Johnson and I are fighting the fight of trying to find those who have been prepared in such a small area. It sounds like a paradox, for a small area should be easier, but it also means slim pickings. The pumpkin carving was unexpected, so I didn't bring one, and couldn't carve my own.

   I don't know how this preparation day will turn out, but Elder Johnson and I play a lot of music together, so that will probably happen. (I wonder how that goes since Elder Campbell has only self-taught himself music and not been trained.)

    I have a picture of Elder Moala and I when I saw him on transfer day, and Elder Johnson and I. (Now that made me HAPPY!!)

   I keep you in my prayers.


Elder Andrew Campbell

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