Monday, July 18, 2016

Nocturnal Adventures with the SlumberBump!

Mother and Father, trying to think of what I should tell you about this week. Elder Biggs is a great missionary; I like having him with me. Elder Biggs is nineteen years old. He is both musical and athletic. He was a soccer player and is an excellent tenor. He is also a piano player, though he claims I showed him up. He would like to go to the University of Virginia, but he is sticking with going to a community college for now. He is not so sure what he wants to study. He has five older siblings. I am with another youngest child! His favorite foods are Butterfingers and macaroni and cheese. I highly approve of that. His favorite color is green, another excellent choice. And, his favorite hymn is "Master, the Tempest is Raging". (They sound like two peas in a pod!)
   (Since the last email, I sent him several items to try to help him sleep better. One is a SlumberBump, which is supposed to help you sleep on your side and the other is a mouth guard that is supposed to keep your airways open.) I tried the SlumberBump...It could have gone better, haha. I don't think it's supposed to coincide with my neck wedge and pillow wedge (other things I found on Amazon to help with sleeping better!)but those actually help. I woke up and found my body had twisted around during the night and I was back on my back. (I remember that he's a crazy sleeper!) The mouth guard I got out last night to use, and discovered that I had to start boiling water and the like to get it ready. (It is supposed to form to your mouth, so he needs to get it hot and malleable.) Hopefully I'll have the energy to do it tonightbecause last night I just didn't. I crawled into bed and fell asleep.
   Several investigators are out of town, so that's no fun, and people aren't progressing as we'd like them to, but I guess that isn't really our choice. I love the Ridge View Ward and its members, but they aren't really on board with doing missionary work themselves. (Not many wards are, unfortunately!) Oh well, I do know the Lord will bless us in our efforts. 

   I have another cat picture coming your way. (I've attached it! There sure are friendly fur babies in Laramie!)


Elder Andrew Campbell

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