Monday, July 11, 2016

Staying in Laramie, WY!!

Mother and Father,

  Well, I don't know if you were aware of this, but this was Elder Butler's last week as a missionary. I just bid him farewell and he is off to the mission home. He was grateful that I made his last transfer a worthwhile one. He said we had the highest key indicators that he has had in his whole mission. (Very proud of these young men!)
  I am staying in Laramie for a fourth transfer and my new companion is Elder Biggs. He was just finished being trained in Rawlins, making me a step-father in mission terms. (That's silly!) He had a good trainer and he seems like a great missionary. Oh yeah, he is from somewhere in Virginia! (Working on finding him a fun gift basket with a Virginia theme!)
  An investigator from the YSA wards got married this week and she is in our ward now. She is set to be baptized later this month. So, that was a pleasant surprise. (Most definitely!) Also, the part member family we're teaching is holding family home evening. Most members of the ward don't even know that she is not baptized. (That is very impressive.) Everyone else canceled our appointments this week. Shana is going back to the South this week. She has committed to be baptized there though. She is actually going to Mississippi, so maybe she'll meet Michele's family. (Except they have moved to Florida...HA!)
   We met President McMurray this week! (This is his new mission president. Mission Presidents serve for 3 years, so Pres. Brown and his wife headed home.) He is so cool! He is excited to get out there and teach and baptize. It's cool for a mission president to have greenie fire. But, the best experience I had was
when we had a phone conversation about my sleep apnea. (Andrew hasn't actually been tested for sleep apnea; instead, he was told by a doctor that he probably has it. It is making him so exhausted during the day.) He told me about how Christ performed the Atonement so I could get through this trial, and leaning on Christ is what I need at this time. He told me I can't beat myself up but it's hard not to! (Stop being so hard on yoursef, Elder Campbell!)
 I am excited for this transfer. Some serious baptizing should take place. I am really grateful this is the Lord's work, and he performs it, because if it was all up to me there would be nothing but failure. (Not hardly...he always cuts himself short!)


Elder Andrew Campbell

Not a cat this week...a very cute dog.

Not a cat this week....some 4H pigs!

Saying good bye to a wonderful companion, Elder Butler!!

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