Monday, July 4, 2016

Hiking, Subway, Retaining Walls, and New Mission President!

Mother and Father,

   This week was a good one! I had another night or so of awful sleep, but after that things have improved. I appreciate the prayers. (I decided that there is nothing more I can physically do to help Elder Campbell with his sleep, so I started praying each night that he'd have a good sleep. Looks like it helped! Thank you Heavenly Father!!)  
  We just got back from hiking with the Fike family. They just called us up and asked if we'd like to go hiking in twenty minutes. It was a lot of fun, but there was a point where we were crossing rocks over a river and I biffed it really hard. I fell in the river and got soaking wet. Apparently there's a video of it, so hopefully I could get that to you. (I would love to see the video...he did send a picture which I will attach.)
   This week we taught a part-member family that has been coming to church together for a few months now. They are such great people and I really enjoy being with them. I am really excited for them. Shana got a job in a little mountain town outside of Laramie. We haven't been able to be in good contact but she is still doing really well.
   We got to teach our sticky-star friend this week. (This in referene to last week's letter where he said they helped a man take glow-in-the-dark star stickers off of the ceiling in his house.) He is recovering well from his incident. We also taught him at Subway; can't complain about a home field advantage, haha. (I just sent a Subway gift card, hope it comes in handy!) He's committed to reach out to God again, something he gave up on a while ago. We also contacted an old tracting potential named Spencer. He told us he'd be building a retaining wall the next day if we wanted to talk to him then. We told him we'd help him build it! (Smart guy getting free help with a retaining wall!!) After we worked on it for an hour or so he invited us in. He told us about how he had become a Buddhist because in his old Christian faith he couldn't find a personal relationship with God. He told us he was interested in studying old pre-Catholic Christianity because he feels like original Christianity had a stronger personal relationship with Heavenly Father that has been lost. We told him he came to the right place! We explained the Plan of Salvation and he was blown away. I am so excited for him!
   Our new mission president came this past week. I haven't been able to meet him yet, but my zone leaders say he is a lot of fun. We have a zone conference with him tomorrow morning. (I hope pictures get posted!!) 
   I did get my package this week, and the candy has been enjoyed by all. I really appreciate it! The jerky is so good! 
   Dad looks really happy in those pictures. (I sent birthday pictures we took of Brian.) I am really grateful for them.


Elder Andrew Campbell

The weekly cat-petting picture.

His week in a visual.

After the fall.....

Hanging out with Elder Butler on a rock!

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