Monday, September 26, 2016

He's Coming Home!!!! Nope....He's Not!!

Mother and Father,

   I am sorry for the false excitement there. I believe the ticket ordering is an automated system and they accidentally entered me in too early.(Words do not describe the emotional rollercoaster ride I went on. I received an email from Church Travel that had his entire itinerary coming home on OCTOBER 4th!! I always thought he was coming home in November, so I sent an email to the mission office to confirm this change. They wrote back the next day saying SORRY! Are you kidding??!! My poor heart!!) 
   This week, as I told you earlier, we said goodbye to Elder M. He will be so missed. Elder Christianson has been a great addition to our companionship. Taking over his ward, the Scottsbluff Ward,  has been a fun addition to our work as well. This week, as we went to teach their investigator Jim. He told us he has decided to be baptized. I just want to comment that Jim is an incredible man and I loved being in his home. He is also hilarious. He has a joke for every situation. We set a baptism date for October 14th. He texted later that night asking if it could be sooner. Jim has been faithfully attending church and keeping commitments, so he will now be baptized this Saturday between sessions of General Conference. I am so happy for him. He is such a good man and I am grateful he is making this
   We also taught their investigator named Carol in the Bishop's home. She has previously had serious disagreements with the doctrines, but she has had a significant change of heart, and she too desires to be baptized. That date we set for October 22nd. Yesterday we fasted for her to get Sunday's off so she can attend church with us.
   This week I have been madly training Elder Campbell and Elder Christianson. We delved into the Plan of Salvation pretty hard, and watched way too much of the District. We have been getting down good ways to plainly explain the Atonement, the Spirit World, and the Kingdoms of Glory. I am so proud of their progress! The Chimney Rock Ward is still struggling with missionary work but there is some cool
progress going on. My health which had been steadily progressing took a nosedive this week. (NO!!!!) It's really quite distressing and has made it hard to stay on top of things. Please pray for my wellbeing and ability to progress this work as it has been given me. (Everyone, please pray for him. He only has 7 weeks left!!)


Elder Andrew Campbell

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