Monday, September 5, 2016

Moved to Gering, NE!!

Mother and Father,

   Hmmm, what happened this week that you would like to hear about. On Tuesday we had trainer's meeting. We got together and talked about new ways for us to make our trainees more uncomfortable. Going tracting and being completely silent and making them do all the talking is currently winning out. (Poor guys!!) On the way back we picked up my zone leader, Elder Coleman, in Cheyenne. We did an exchange! We had a grand old time together. He loved doing service at the zoo! (I want to know what they do for service at the zoo?!)
   (I indexed marriage records from Bridgeport and Bayard, NE this week. I wondered if they were near him.) Bridgeport and Bayard are both in my proselyting area. I have not yet been out to see them but I hear they are nice. 
   For my birthday...we went tracting!  (His birthday was Saturday, the 3rd.) Tracting has really been the name of the game out here. Our area book is quite empty and referrals aren't coming. We have a car to get to places. It's a Subaru Legacy.(Nice!) 
   We also went to this place called the Steel Grill for my birthday. It is known as the best restaurant in town. We had steak nachos which were excellent. (I'll attach a picture.) Then for dinner we went to Subway because someone gave us a gift card. Something really great about this ward is that there is a culture of the old women in the ward giving the missionaries gift cards. (Hmmm...I sent him a Subway gift card for his birthday. I guess that doesn't count!)
    This whole transfer is dedicated to finding. Our district set the goal of 100 new investigators this transfer. We met this awesome guy who I am sure is going to get baptized. Once we told him about the Book of Mormon he wanted to know if he could come to a church that taught from it.
   I have a lot of pictures to send and I will send an email about school.


   Elder Andrew Campbell

(He didn't send any explanations of the pictures, so I am guessing on some of them.)

1. Moving day? He said he was moving to a new apartment. I think it is in Gering. He should LOVE this apartment because the furniture in the truck he is sitting on is EXACTLY our couch we have here at home. What a hoot!!

2. Elder Campbell and a cat.

3. Elder Campbell and another cat.

4. Elder Campbell and the steak nachos he mentioned.

5. Elder Campbell with the CD he got for his birthday. Sis. Dorothy Thompson recommended it...looks like he loves it!

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