Monday, November 7, 2016

Endure to the End!

(Here it is....only one more email to go--I think--unless he can't next week due to transfers. This one is short but sweet.)

Mother and Father,

   Well, I can't believe I have made it this far. But, here I am. I have pondered a lot on why missionaries would give up or take it easy at this point. To be honest, it is really quite easy to do so. No one would blame me. But, I have pondered a lot about the covenants I have made, and my desire to be a disciple after my mission, and I know that if I were to give up now I would be failing in my discipleship and I
don't believe I would be a disciple after my mission. So, I will endure to the end.
   I don't think I will send a bike home. Sounds like a hassle. (After much emailing back and forth we decided he'll leave the bike with someone there and we can pick it up when we take a road trip to his mission. It's a nice bike! It's the first bike we'll actually get after a mission. BJ had one stolen and one demolished in a bad accident. Peter's was too beat up at the end to ship home. This one was FREE and a GOOD one! I want it!!) believe I won't have to ship anything else. I will see if a small package needs to be sent. We will see! I love you so much and I will
see you soon. (EIGHT DAYS!!!)


Elder Andrew Campbell

(A remote chat with the zone leaders and an article about a mission preparing you for dating and marriage! YIKES!!)

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