Monday, October 31, 2016


(Two more emails....WOOT! WOOT!)

Mother and Father,

   This week was eventful and non-eventful simultaneously. I got bronchitis! So, I spent most of the week coughing very hard. I am taking antibiotics and steroids right now. (And he said in a later email that he was feeling much better. YAY!) Also, Elder Christianson went to the ER. He's all better now. (He told me it was a really bad stomach flu and then he had a reaction to a Chinese flu....I think he meant, Chinese FOOD!) Made me giggle!) So, this was a very medical-centric week. (Not my favorite thing to hear!)
   Elder Campbell REALLY liked the Twix. I have a picture of him looking intensely for more Twix after he ate them all. (I found ghost-shaped Twix on Amazon, so I sent him those.) Our ward had a trunk or treat and we did a trunk. A sister in the ward donated cheese balls for us to hand out and we threw a bunch of pass-along cards on them for decorations.
   We are having a district p-day today, and we are going up Scottsbluff. We are going to have some fun outdoor adventures... We just got back. It was a lot of fun. It turns out the wagon ruts are really big! Like mini canyons. I thought there were going to be marks in the rocks, but they were a lot bigger. (I will attach a few he sent.)
   We had some awesome spiritual experiences this week. Our three girls are progressing really well, and we have had several less-active's progress. The spirit has been upon us in incredible abundance and we love it. Sister Nash, an investigator we taught when we were in the Scottsbluff Ward got baptized this weekend. She didn't want a baptism picture, but we got a picture before the confirmation. (Glad things are going well for the end of his mission and that he continues to work hard.)
  I have got to go. We have to be in early for Halloween. If anyone wants to talk to me in person...that time is coming shortly. (I know....15 days!!!)


Elder Andrew Campbell

(I'll attach the "looking for Twix" picture and some of the Scottsbluff pictures with the gigantic wagon ruts!)

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