Monday, February 2, 2015

A letter from the cat, Katrina!

(To liven things up, I had the cats write to the missionaries this week. Snowball wrote to Elder Peter Campbell and Katrina wrote to Elder Andrew Campbell.)

Dear Katrina,

    Thanks for the blast of nostalgia, I'm crying now. You have an excellent way with words. The weather got a tiny bit snowy this week, but it's sunny and warm right now. People are telling me it's been the mildest winter in Fort Collins in years. (Due to this missionary momma's prayers!!!) Speaking of Fort Collins, we learned some news this week. Our mission is going to be expanding. We are absorbing the Casper, Wyoming and Riverton, Wyoming stakes. Just in case you were wondering, Casper is up in central Wyoming and Riverton is to the west, not too far from Jackson or Rock Springs. My Zone Leader, Elder Winter, said it's a three hour drive from his house in South Jordan to Riverton. It's over 300 miles to Fort Collins from Riverton. (That's a BIG mission area now!!)
   (My brother was in a car accident last Tuesday...not his fault at all. The bad thing was he was driving his missionary son's car. His missionary comes home on Wednesday and now he won't have a car. SADNESS!!). I'm crying for Grant's car right now. He's a good kid and he needs a car. Driving on my mission is something I think I really needed. I'm getting a lot better at driving, and it's probably a lot safer for me to be on the road now.a
   As far as dumb decisions, I've put a lot of thought into prioritizing of time, and what I considered to be important. I read an article from the 
Ensign today about the things that are really important. I wish I had made you happy more often.
   We went to a baptism on Saturday. It was for a young woman from the Wellington Ward. She seemed really happy. In other news 
Rayann came to church yesterday! She really enjoyed it. She said her family hates her for attending an LDS church, but it makes her really 
happy so she doesn't care. We have quite a large teaching pool, but no one seems to want to progress. It's quite frustrating. We have some
 pretty promising appointments with some potential investigators this week, though. We meet with April tonight at 7 our time. If you could
 say a prayer for her at dinner tonight, that would be great. It's funny; I've had several people tell me that prayers of LDS people are so much more
effective than those of others. A real power resides in this religion, and I'm just beginning to realize it.
   I'm so glad that Peter got to go to Red Robin. I'm glad he's enjoying it and losing weight. I gained a ton of weight last transfer, but I'm finally
cutting it down. I've been eating one serving at dinner and we play basketball every P-Day. My belt is starting to slide back to the fourth hole.
Speaking of Red Robin, we went to eat at Chik-Fil-A today. Elder Moala had to scare off some guys that were trying to mess with us. (
Thank you Elder Moala!!)  It was a good time. I'm attaching a picture of us at McDonalds with our zone leaders.
   Katrina, I love you very much, and Mom and Dad, I love you very much.
(He also attached a picture of himself with a bloody nose. Sometimes this kid gives us TOO much information....but got to love him!)


Elder Andrew Campbell


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