Monday, February 16, 2015

Elder Campbell is Staying in Fort Collins!!

(Looks like the heading is going to stay Fort Collins, CO for a while! He's staying this transfer and losing his companion, Elder Moala. His new companion is Elder Blue. That's a fun name!! He didn't mention his back at all, so I'm praying he's better.)

Mother and Father,

   Elder Moala is going to be leaving me. He is off to be a zone leader in Loveland. I am going to be staying here and my new companion is going to be Elder Blue. When Rayann heard he was leaving, she cried. Needless to say, I am scared to be put "in charge" of an area. Brother Langston gave me a lecture on urgency last night, and I now know what it means to be urgent. I did not before. A few weeks ago, someone said the word "Liahona" in a joke, and I had a remarkable idea. What if we were so pious that the spirit would always tell us where to go next. We would never be left twiddling our thumbs and wondering how it is that we are supposed to be productive in the next few hours of our lives. Too many missionaries just aren't. Being a full-time missionary is synonymous with being a full-time teacher. We're supposed to be teaching from 10am to 9:00pm every day except P-day. Tracting has probably taught me the most on my mission, but it's only good when used sparingly, because it's a very selfish thing to do. It teaches you very much, but you do little to no teaching. A change would require a miracle, and miracles are predicated on faith. This transfer is going to be about boosting my faith, because I need it, and the Lord needs me to have it. (I have faith he'll do very well.)
   On Saturday we put Tina and Dalton on a baptismal date. It's March 7th. Please pray for them. We sent a text wishing President Brown a happy President's Day. I hope he enjoys it. We got a call from the Cleverly's last night about a humidifier they have for me. They said they would give it to the Bruxvoorts, from whom I can pick it up. That is pretty exciting. (Our sweet Sis. Cleverly went home from Lodi to Fort Collins. She'd heard that my missionary was having trouble with bloody noses. My sister suggested a humidifier. I was wondering how to get one to him when Sis. Cleverly and her mom volunteered to buy him one. I love the angels who we have on this earth!) It did snow yesterday, but it was kind of weak. I never thought I'd consider snow to be weak. I've kind of had a baptism by fire as far as driving in snow goes. Peter says he doesn't do it, but I have no choice. It's kind of scary, but you just kind of do it. I've gotten better. (And I continue to pray REALLY hard that he'll be safe!)
   This weekend was stake conference, and a miracle happened. Stake President Foster had a joking conversation in which he told the zone leaders that he wanted someone to get baptized on Sunday. A few hours later he called them and said that this time it was serious, there needed to be a baptism on Sunday. Needless to say, the zone leaders asked one of their investigators two days before, and it happened. It's a testament to me of how inspired of a man President Foster is. He knew there was someone in the stake that was ready, and Holly was. It's such a beautiful thing.
   Do you think I could get Griffin's email? I want to send him an email about missions. I'm very proud of him. (Griffin is a friend of Andrew's from church. Griffin has just been called as a missionary to Singapore speaking Chinese. Does anyone reading this happen to have Griffin's email address???)
 As far as I know, we're going to be moving in with the Evans family.  Pray for Elder Blue, that he'll be ready for a crazy companion, and that we'll both have love and charity for each other. (Are you kidding...the prayers have already started!!)


Elder Andrew Campbell

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