Monday, February 9, 2015

Oh....NO....BACK PAIN!!

(I wasn't happy with his first sentence! This is my worst fear...Andrew and his back!!)

Mom and Dad,

   I woke up this morning with a sharp pain in my back. Yes, the same old back problem flared up. We helped some people move furniture yesterday, and I didn't feel anything, but the pain came on in full today. The zone leaders came and gave me a blessing and made me laugh. Elder Winter tried to walk on my back for therapy. I'm not sure if it helped though. My back does feel better, overall. (Having a full grown man walk on your back....seriously??? Give me strength, Lord!)
   So our stake is implementing a new referral receiving and contacting program, based on a stronger emphasis on fellowshipping, and forming a council around each individual that has been referred. I really like the idea, but in our first council meeting yesterday, I found it quite frustrating. The overall plan was quite good, but it lacked the sense of urgency that the "hastening of the work" had that was instilled upon us in the MTC. They seemed more interested in waiting for the perfect opportunity than in boldly proclaiming the gospel. Alas, I found myself in the wrong, because I allowed the spirit of contention to develop within me, and righteousness left me. It was a powerful lesson on maintaining Christ-like attributes and shying away from anger. (And then your back goes out...beware!)
  (Last week he sent a picture of himself with a blood nose. I asked him about it.)  I'm afraid that I get bloody noses quite regularly here. I got them a lot in Utah, but even worse here. It's just so dry. Also, I saw a doctor quite a while ago in Fort Collins and got a new prescription. Kaiser opened up a new clinic in Fort Collins just days previously, so that's pretty provident. (Kaiser must have known my boy would need them nearby! He might have to spend his entire mission in Fort Collins.)
   Rayann has surgery today. It's really hard to keep in contact with her. She loves the church very much though. Went to see April, and ended up teaching a lesson to her husband/maybe-not-husband Charlie. He's a good man, and he will hopefully read the Book of Mormon. I never believed how important reading it was until I served a mission. Now I realize how much every individual needs to read it. (Everyone should read the Book of Mormon and pray about it's truthfulness.)
  I have never been interested in family history ever, (DO NOT LET YOUR GRANDMA VERDOORN HEAR YOU SAY THIS!!!) until this morning, when I was lying in bed in dreadful pain. I thought about my ancestry, where they came from, would they be proud of me, and how much I wanted to know about them. I just read the auto-biography of my great-grandfather, Jonathan Cornelius Campbell. He served in the Western States mission. Here are some of the areas he worked in: Cheyenne, Greely, Fort Collins, and Boulder. I am so excited right now! I'm following my great-grandfather's footsteps! (Awesome!)
   Mom, I will pray for you. I'm so sorry for the things you are going through. I pray that my mission service will be a blessing to you. I got your package, and it is completely undoing all the weight I lost in the past few weeks. It made me very happy though. I thinking of giving the Valentines to the ward council, haha! (Glad he enjoyed his Valentine box.)

(Glad he approved of Peter's class schedule....and yup, one class is 8 am twice a week.) 
I'm so excited for Peter. Those sound like great classes. Though an 8 o'clock class typically makes me cry. It's good for you though. On a mission I've done a lot of things I didn't want to do, but it sure was good for me.


Elder  Andrew Campbell

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