Monday, February 23, 2015

Yup, it's cold in Fort Collins!!

Mother and Father,

   Things aren't too terribly different with me "in charge" of an area. We made it our goal to see everyone in the ward, and to start from there. It's also our goal to ask for referrals, because we don't do that nearly enough. (That's a huge goal. There are hundreds of people in a ward!)

(Last email he mentioned a Bro. Langston. I wondered who he was. I'm still wondering, even after his explanation!)
In regards to who Brother Langston is, he is the smartest man on the earth. I respect him so much it's incredible.
   (Elder Blue is Andrew's new companion. I wanted some information about him.) Elder Blue is from Mesa/Gilbert Arizona. He has served in Rawlins, Cheyenne, Greeley, and Longmont. He's not entirely sure what his life plans are, but he knows he wants to bike across Europe after his mission. (I wonder if he'll use his mission bike!)
We had a big storm this weekend, and the mission cars had to be parked for a day and a half. It was a cold weekend, but it's sunny out now. Note: Sunny does not mean warm. (I know how that feels!)
   (Andrew is now living in a new home, the Evans family. I looked up their address and noticed the home had a full basement with a wet bar. I wondered how he liked his new digs.) Living with the Evans family is pretty great. I loved being with the Pixlers, but the Evans home is incredible. We do have a wet bar, and a giant basement to ourselves. It's so roomy! Plus all the lights have dimming bars, so we can give the place chilled out lighting. Of course I thanked the Pixlers and I miss their freezer so much. (Remember, this was the freezer that always had pizza and ice cream in it.)
  (I told  him that I got Peter a contract in his old apartment before his mission...Moon Apartments.)  Peter living in Moon C6 is awesome. There are so many memories from that place. I thought Jeff was going to be in Europe, though? Or is he coming back in Fall? (He's coming back in the fall.) Anywho, Jeff is amazing in all ways imaginable.

(I'm trying to locate "stuff" for Peter for his return to BYU. I don't remember where we put everything. Jay and Kim...let me know how much stuff is at your house!!) I remember us putting together some boxes of stuff and leaving it at Jay's house for Peter. I think it was kitchen stuff. I think we also put together some boxes at home for Peter. My conclusion: There is stuff for Peter somewhere. (I'm not sure I can handle this much help!)
   Yesterday Rayann came to Sunday School. Afterwords, she came up to us and asked, "How do I go about getting baptized?" To make a long story a bit shorter, she said that on Saturday night she had a powerful spiritual experience while reading the Book of Mormon, and knew that she needed to be baptized. She said she wants to get baptized this week. We told her that it was possible if she was willing to put in the work necessary as well. At this moment she is scheduled to be baptized on Saturday night. So, that is our focus for the week. Tina and Dalton are going to be progressing sooner or later, they just need more time. At this moment I don't see March 7th as likely, though it is still possible. This past week has taught me that my ability to teach is predicated on how well my studies went that morning. If my studies were lacking, then my ability to teach, testify, invite, and promise is lacking as well. The reason we study is because we teach, and the reason we are able to to teach, is because we study. Everything we do really makes sense.

Attached is a picture of my suave companion, Elder Blue, as well as a picture of all the fortune cookies we took from the Chinese New Year party we went to on Saturday.


Elder Andrew Campbell

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