Monday, March 30, 2015

Staying in Fort Collins!

(Elder Campbell has had a hard transfer these past few weeks. I'm going to edit the email because when he reads it later, he'll probably be glad I took out things he might regret. I'm glad he can vent to his parents...but the whole world doesn't need to know everything. And, bummer....NO PICTURES!)
Mother and Father,

   So, I am staying in Parkwood one more transfer. My new companion is named Elder Mangram. (Actually, his new companion is named Elder Mangrum and he's from Turlock, CA..just down the road from Lodi. They are good friends with Ruth and Neil Anderson Small world!!) I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm glad this transfer is ending. It's been nothing short of depressing. (I told him I was going to try and be like Cinderella and have courage and be kind.)  I, too, will try to have courage and be kind.
   All the predictions were true. Elder Winter is the new assistant to the president. Elder Schenk is my new zone leader, as well. (I posted on the Fort Collins Mission website this information and Sis. Schenk said her son didn't even mention it in his email today. Silly boys!) I may be staying, but we will be moving two doors down to the Etter's house. They are an excellent family, so I'm excited for that. (After reading past emails, the Etters are the bishop's family. They had Andrew over for Christmas and let him Skype from their house. That should be a nice move!)
   So, Michael told us he no longer was interested in being baptized, but then he sent me an email reminding me to find a Book of Mormon in Hebrew for him. He is still managing to confuse us incredibly. Ron seems to have back-slid. Satan is uncouth and sly, but the day will be won yet.
   I'm so glad to hear that you're helping the missionaries. Missionaries just love members like you. It's what keeps us going. Oh, new missionaries are so innocent; if only they could stay that way. Sorry, I'm super biased right now. Missionaries just make me angry right now. Pray for me, please! (Oh, how I pray!!)
   I'm afraid we didn't have an Easter program. We had Fast and Testimony meeting as well. We already had stake conference, so I don't know why they didn't delay it a week. Which reminds me, you've seen the #becausehelives initiative, right? I love how progressive it is. On Easter day, it's going to be the biggest thing on the Internet. It's an excellent video, and it's really exciting. It's very special that conference is on Easter Sunday, and the following day is Christmas. How exciting is that?! (In our church, we believe that Christ was born on April that explains his Christmas reference...even though we celebrate it on Dec. 25.)
   I received your Easter package! Twix is becoming my favorite candy for some reason. I probably ate them all already. I've not heard from Molly, but something could come today, or I could walk the 150 feet back to the Evan's home to retrieve it. (I'll have to get his new address!)
   Wow, I feel a whole lot better just venting to you. Plus, the zone leaders just walked in, brightening my day a bit. I love you very, very much! (And we love you very, very much....hang in there and have courage and be kind!)

Love again,

Elder Andrew Campbell

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