Monday, May 11, 2015

Boulder, CO....Here Elder Campbell comes!

(Can I just tell you how FUN it was to Skype with our missionary on Mother's Day???!!!! I wasn't even sad when we talked. I'm 'just so proud of him and the great job he's doing as a missionary. He's being transferred...TODAY! He's heading to Boulder, CO and will be serving in the Flatirons Ward with Elder Pope. Can't wait to hear the exciting new adventures he'll have!)

Mother and Father,

   I'm writing you from...Fort Collins, Colorado! We haven't left for Boulder yet. The plan is to email, eat at Cafe Rio, then head out. (Really? Eat at Cafe Rio?? HA!)  I don't have a whole lot of time, so I want to give you some highlights for the week.

1. I went on exchanges to the YSA (Young Single Adult) Ward with Elder C. He has this little game where you fling a wooden basketball into the hoop. I beat him! Thanks for the practice Dad!

2. We had a zone meeting to finish the transfer. I played an arrangement of God Speed The Right that I wrote a few weeks ago. There was no other musical number planned, so it was a lot of fun.

3. While I was off in the YSA ward, the elders in Parkwood found some new investigators, so they have more people to teach!

I was never able to get a journal. It would be a really nice thing for me to get, and I've used about half of the supplement pills left. I don't know if Boulder has a Kaiser, and it's about an hour from the mission office. We're closer to Denver than anything else. All I can say about your trip is that you should go see the Washington DC temple. It's a beautiful one. (These are all just answers to questions I wrote in his letter from us.)
All right! Pray for me in my Boulder adventures!


Elder Andrew Campbell
(Attached are some mystery pictures. Actually, the family one came via text with a nice note saying, "Thanks for sharing your son with us!" However, the other two are two very nice people from Fort Collins. Maybe I can get him to tell me in his next email.)


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