Monday, May 18, 2015

Boulder, Nederland and Superior!!

(Sounds like our missionary is happy, happy in Boulder. I'm so glad. It' sounds like a BEAUTIFUL place. We'll have to go on a road trip sometime after he gets home.)

Good day,

   I am writing to you today from the beautiful Boulder City library. It is really big, and much nicer than the main library in Fort Collins. I'm also going to make the comment that Boulder is a beautiful city. The Flatirons are gorgeous. We also cover a town called Nederland up in the mountains, and it is such a pretty place. Boulder isn't the heathen wasteland that everyone told me it was going to be (I wonder who told him that???!!), especially since I work with older people. Everyone is either a scientist, a professor, a programmer, or some other big name career. Ball Aerospace is located here and apparently it's a pretty big deal. There are also some really big meteorology stations here. (My brother would love that!! He's a meteorologist!!) In other words, I'm surrounded by money, and some really nice people!
   Sister McD found me and gave me my journal. I even wrote in it last night! I hope you're proud of me. (I am very proud that he wrote in his journal. And I'm super grateful for Sis. McD. How sweet that she would give him a missionary journal as a welcome present from her family.) Want to know a way in which you won't be proud of me? I forgot to take pictures...I wish I had, but we've just been so busy. (Luckily Sis. McD sent a picture, so I've attached that. It's of Elder Campbell with his new companion, Elder Pope.) We don't live in a cabin anymore. We live in the home of the R family in South Boulder. It's a really nice home and they have a piano, so I approve. We are supposedly moving soon, so who knows where we'll end up. (So, do we send him a package or wait??? Decisions, decisions!) We also cover half of the city of Superior. It's full of young families that commute to Denver for work. It is also VERY wealthy but it is very different from Boulder. I've not yet actually been to the campus, but I have been to the institute, so that's close.
  (I asked him who I should pray for.) Let's see, F M is in great need of prayer. We also have a recent convert named T who got baptized a few weeks ago. She is an attorney and she is awesome. She is going through a rough time, and her family hates the church, so she needs prayer as well. The investigators I've met are T and Sister P. They are both so nice, but I'm a little worried about how they are going to progress from where they are. So, prayers are in order! (I think I'd better make a list.)
   Elder Pope is from Orange County. I don't recall what town. I feel like everyone from Orange County just says Orange County. He is 22 and studied Computer Science at Cal-Sate Fullerton before he went on his mission. He's been on his mission for 18 months and is the district leader. He has a younger brother that left on a mission at the same time as him, and his family returned to church activity about 3 years ago. Also, his father is not a member of the church. (From his picture, he is TALL!!)
   As far as the weather goes, it rains and it thunders every day. We were driving up to Nederland, and it hailed a ridiculous amount on us. There's also a lot of sun, but that's the kicker: it rains out of the clear blue sky here. You know when it rains on a sunny day and you look up to see the dark cloud above you? Well, you don't need dark clouds here, because water will fall from the clear sky. It's a little scary sometimes.

(My sister and her husband are here for a week. They and my brother, Dirk, were cleaning out my parent's garage today.)  I will pray for everyone clearing out Grandma and Grandpa's garage. They are truly going to need it.
  (Last week Elder Campbell sent pictures but I didn't know who the mystery people were.)  Those were pictures of me with Brother L and his mother-in-law Sister U. It turns out the L's used to live in this ward and are really missed. (What a small world we live in.)


Elder Andrew Campbell

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