Monday, May 25, 2015

Brand new iPad Mini Two!!

(It's probably a good thing this is a's taken me forever to try to get this letter composed. My email provider has me using a new email and I don't know what I'm doing!!! So I've had to add everyone one by one and I probably missed some people and added people who would rather not be added. I apologize. I hope I figure this out in time. Then my missionary starts his letter off saying he didn't get a letter from me. I wrote one last night and it was sent at 7:35 pm....where did it go??? I might have to switch to gmail. Enjoy our new iPad missionary's email this week!)

Oh dear, I don't seem to have an email from you. We will have to make due without one. Some pretty exciting things happened this week. There's a Brother Mierzejewsky in the ward who the ward believes has no interest in the church at this time. But we stopped by this week, and he bore his testimony and I gave him a Book of Mormon and he committed to reading it. He's excited by the prospect of his deceased daughter receiving a proxy baptism in the temple. Then there was the iPad conference, which I will tell you about later.
Tricia took us out to a really good pizza place, and then we helped her get her apartment fixed up so she can take on a roommate. That was when you received that picture. Send a text introducing yourself to her!) (I did!)
Saturday we did a lot of planning and got our iPads set up. Elder Pope's is partially not working. He can't download apps.
I wrote a new arrangement to "All Creatures of Our God And King" on the piano and played it it as a special musical number during sacrament meeting. Then I got a call on Saturday asking me to give a talk as well. So I gave a talk on the steps of the gospel of Jesus Christ and why we need it. I really enjoyed both of them, and I think the ward loved it. Sister King said that the song made her feel like she was walking through a forest.
Okay, so the big news? Yes, I am sending this from my very own iPad. It is an iPad Mini Two. Elder Nelson of the Seventy, the one who gave the talk about his sister who left the church and came back during general conference, came and presented the conference to us on Friday. It was mainly about how we need to make smart decisions while we use our iPads. I'll admit that having every single church resource at the tip of my fingers is a bit distracting. There is so much I want to read. Though they were talking about some more insidious distractions! The mission will be going paperless over the next month as we transfer our area books to the cloud. They will stop producing planners for us as well. In a month or so we will begin Facebook proselyting. We've already began using videos during teaching and online materials during studies. What did they not mention? Payment. Someone said that my home ward was going to be billed? Also, I'm allowed to check my email every night, so if you want to send me messages during the week, I can read them.(WAHOOOO!!!) Typing on this is really easy! It's making for longer letters!
Well, I'm going to work on getting you some pictures now.
Love, Elder Andrew Campbell
I'll attach the picture that Tricia sent us and the picture of him with his new iPad Mini 2!

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