Monday, June 29, 2015

District Leader....Awesome District!

YAY...he had a good first week as a district leader!)

Mother and Father,

   Yes, this was my first week as a district leader. I think I'm doing well. Last night we did call-ins for our weekly numbers and had a good time. My district consists of the zone leaders and the sisters in Boulder Ward. We have Elder Nielson and I, Elder Moala and Elder Pratt from Arizona, Sister Tanner form Canada, and Sister Benney from Washington. It's hard to be a district leader over such excellent missionaries.
   Elder Nielson is a way cool elder. He was serving in Casper, Wyoming before serving here. He has been on his mission for six months. He is from Taylorsville, Utah. Before his mission, he graduated high school and worked at a bakery. He played as nose guard in football. He tells me he's not sure, but he wants to go to the
University of Utah to study architecture. He's a good elder that wants to work hard. I like it. (I like it too!)
   Oh my goodness, getting those granola bars made me so happy. Thank you Brother Mariana! Your gift has brought me so much joy. (Thank you Victor for being so thoughtful!!!) T was out of contact this week, but we just got back in contact with her, so you may be hearing from her. V just left on a month long vacation and Brother M had a tragedy happen in his family that caused him to cancel his appointments with us. We hope to meet him this week and help him in any way we can. (So goes the life of a missionary.)
   Last transfer we had a man send us a text message out of the blue asking for LDS missionaries. We set up an appointment and finally had it go through yesterday. We were a little afraid we were going to the door of an axe murderer, but we ended up in the home of a wonderful family. They fed us dinner and were very receptive to our message. The wife has been looking for a church modeled after Christ's original church, and I showed her a picture of the twelve apostles, which she loved. The sad part for us is that they are moving to Arvada on Tuesday, so some Denver North missionaries are going to get an excellent referral. (That's a pretty cool story.)
   We did some tracting this week against Elder Nielson's wishes, and met an awesome woman. She is a Bible scholar and Christian apologist studying philosophy at CU. She told us she was saved, but she promised to read the Book of Mormon once she finished her honors thesis.
   Whenever I see Elder Moala, all we do is laugh because we have so many inside jokes together. It makes me so happy to have him as a zone leader. It's been a good week here in Boulder, and I hope that this
one is even better!


Elder Andrew Campbell

(I am guessing this is his new companion, Elder Nielson.)

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