Monday, March 14, 2016

Laramie Has a Bath and Body Works!

(Sounds like things are falling into place in Laramie, WY.)

This week Lydia committed to live the word of wisdom, and gave up tea. She is progressing well towards baptism. I still have no idea what is going on during our lessons, but they happen and the spirit is there. We did a ton of tracting this week. I will just say that there are a lot of hippies in Laramie. (That made me giggle!) We have a lot of fun doing it though. I used to be afraid of rude people, but now they are a great source of enjoyment.
   (I wondered if he was having trouble with the dryness since Laramie is over 7000 ft. in elevation.) Laramie has been quite humid. I have actually been having less dryness problems than in Firestone. I did forget that the elevation means a lot of bad sun exposure for an almost albino like me. My forehead got burnt really bad, but I have been putting on sunscreen now. Our apartment also has a huge container of aloe Vera, which is quite nice!
   Some cool things about Laramie are that on Friday missionaries get a $3 lunch buffet at Pizza Hut. On Saturday night we go to "Grandma's" house, where we sing hymns for her. She is just a woman who loves missionaries. I feel like I've lost like ten pounds here. We walk anywhere from two to eight miles a day. (Good for him!!) My legs ache so much when I wake up. It's awesome!
   My area is quite unique. It covers most of the university and its surroundings, so our ward is quintessentially a married student ward. We also have a couple subdivisions where all the professors live. Our bishop is the department head of management. It's cool because it's kind of like being a campus missionary, but our jurisdiction is over anyone who is not a young single adult. So yes, it kind of limits our opportunities, since almost all of our contacts get referred to the YSA missionaries, but it is a lot of fun. There are seven total companionships in the city of Laramie.
   I gave a talk on the Atonement on Sunday. It went decently well. I will also be playing the piano for two musical numbers being sung in zone conference. I am the only missionary in Laramie who can play the piano, albeit poorly.(I feel guilty now for not getting that child piano lessons!)  I appreciate the prayers that have been said for me. I truly appreciate them.


Elder Andrew Campbell

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