Monday, March 28, 2016

All My Bedding in a Giant Mr. Mac Bag!

Mother and Father,

   (I heard there was a huge storm that crippled Denver, so I wondered if he'd been hit.) We did get hit by a huge storm. The drifts we walked through were super deep. I also walked to the hospital during the storm. I had an incident where someone ran over my foot with their car. But, we discovered that there was no fracture! It did tear my shoe up a bit. The water-proofing in it has kind of fallen apart. (And I was hoping I wouldn't have to buy him new shoes again. Guess I thought wrong!)
   Easter was a nice day. Nothing really different happened. I did get the package and I really enjoyed it. The tie and the beef jerky were much appreciated. I found an elder who really likes malted eggs. (I LOVE them...I guess he doesn't.) Don't
worry, I don't plan on wearing the cow tie. It was just too awesome to pass up for $4. The Saint Patrick's Day tie was finger wide. (He must have fat was 2 inches wide!)
A few weeks ago a former investigator came to church with a family he is friends with. We didn't get any contact info and we weren't sure how we were going to try to teach him again. (Ask the friends he came with? Just a suggestion.) On Tuesday evening we were knocking doors in an apartment building and he answered the door! It was his apartment! He got called into work during the appointment we set up so we haven't met yet, but we will!
   We taught an awesome guy named Doug this week. He is a friend of Brother C, our ward mission leader. He does not have a belief in God, but what we shared gave him a great appreciation of our faith. He accepted that he can't argue against us because our personal experience has taught us further truth. Next time we will be teaching him the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
   Sorry this is taking so long. I just got done playing basketball. (I wondered what took so long.) I usually lounge around on preparation day so it was a nice alternative.
   This week I read the new Ensign. An article I found rather poignant was at the end about spiritual gifts. A section of it reads, "How many of you … are seeking for these gifts that God has promised to bestow? How many of you, when you bow before your Heavenly Father in your family circle or in your secret places, contend for these gifts to be bestowed upon you? How many of you ask the Father, in the name of Jesus, to manifest Himself to you through these powers and these gifts? Or do you go along day by day, like a door turning on its hinges, without having any feeling upon the subject, without exercising any faith whatever, content to be baptized and be members of the Church and to rest there, thinking that your salvation is secure because you have done this? …" Seeking spiritual gifts is a commandment, and I feel that we are losing out if we do not seek them. (Hmmm, that makes one think.)
   Our zone leaders gave a training this week on, not how do we use our time, but who do we use our time on? The statement from President Brown this week was that 75% of our time should be spent on those who are prepared to hear the gospel. He worries that most of the lessons we are teaching are not to those who are ready, and we get high key indicators, but not effective ones. What we need to do is drop those people who are not prepared and have faith the prepared will come. I pray that I personally will have the faith to follow through.
   Thank you for watching Grandpa in his time of need. (My dad had what doctors call an "episode". He ended up in the ER over night and is now in a Rehab in Stockton. He is supposed to be discharged on Thursday. I hope he can get mobile enough!) It hurts me that I cannot be there for him. Please send my love to him. I pray for him daily. I wish you all well.


Elder Andrew Campbell

Some silly missionaries came into our apartment and put all my bedding into a giant Mr. Mac bag. I couldn't get it open so this is how I am sleeping from now on.

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