Monday, March 21, 2016

The Buffest Man Ever...His Arms Are Bigger Than My Legs!

(Sounds like he had a good week!)

Mother and Father,

  I did get the package and I love it. The beef jerky was way good. I like that brand especially. (I wish I remembered what the brand was...I have another package of jerky in his Easter package.) The tie was really cool, but it was too
thin. I am trying to be a good example to the other missionaries, and that would not be an approved thickness. (I am attaching a picture of a tie that he bought at a Thrift Store. I guess a "skinny" tie is not acceptable, but the one he bought is. Please explain this to me!!) I also very much like my Handel's Messiah.
  Lydia decided to get baptized in Peru. So, we won't be having a baptism, but that is her home, so fair is fair. We did teach a lot of YSA (Young Single Adult) folk this week. We went tracting and met a member of he YSA ward who gave us a referral for his friend. He is one of the best shot-putters in the NCAA. He let us right in and it was great. I believe he will progress with the YSA elders. He is also the buffest man ever. It was incredible. His arms are bigger than my legs! We also found a new investigator while tracting who has had a lot of great LDS friends and would like to get into the community here in Laramie.
   We had zone conference and it was great. I played piano for Joseph Smith's First Prayer to the tune of Come Thou Fount. I saw Elder Moala's departing testimony and I cried.(We so love Elder Moala. He was Andrew's trainer.)  I am so grateful for my trainer. Elder Navarro and I are working hard and walking miles. We tracted probably hundreds of doors. Our ward mission leader says we
are the best missionaries he has had as the ward mission leader. The bishop spent most of PEC telling all of the auxiliaries how much he likes me as a missionary and wants me to teach all his friends. (I hope he has lots of friends to teach!) Needless to say it made me quite uncomfortable.
   This week we have been spreading the word about the new church campaign #hallelujah.  People have been...not very receptive to the message we have to share in general, but have been happy to hear us talk about the resurrection. Even if we don't teach someone, we leave them with a smile on their face because people handing out cards about Easter and the resurrection bring them such joy. The shot putter story is just one example of where we felt guided to be where we were supposed to be. I have felt a lot of love for people, and I don't really care when they are angry at us. It used to discourage me so much but I have ceased to care. I love them all too much. I love you as well. (Right back atcha son!!)

Love again,

Elder Andrew Campbell

(The other pictures are of Elder Campbell with Elder Asplund, his companion from the Missionary Training Center. The other is of Elder Moala and his companions. Elder Moala is in the red tie. WE LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!)

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