Monday, April 18, 2016

A No-Drive Day....TOO MUCH SNOW!!

Mother and Father,

   Yesterday marked, as far as I can remember, my first day ever of wearing snow boots. (Yay!! The boots I sent him have been put to good use!!) There was a fair amount of snow. The police close down the streets and the stake president cancelled church. Plus President Brown declared it to be a no-drive day. (Our missionaries wondered if there were "snow days" where they had to stay in their apartments.) To answer that question, as far as I have ever heard, there are only days of n driving, but not of no leaving the house. In fact, my companion Elder
Johnson who came from the South Dakota Mission said he was out an about during - 66 degrees Fahrenheit one night in a little town in South Dakota. He said being outside more than 30 seconds or so was deadly, so they ran from the building to their car. (Deadly???!!) Our mission never gets that cold, but if there is too much snow on the ground the Mission President can declare all vehicles grounded. Some missionaries use that as an excuse to not go out, but we are used to no vehicle, so we just walked all around Laramie.
   So, transfers! I am staying in the Ridge View Ward. Elder Navarro is going to Scottsbluff, Nebraska to serve in the Chimney Rock Ward. (I love the name of that ward!!) My new companion is Elder Davis. I know he is from Salem, Oregon and is about six months out. Everyone I have asked has no idea who he is. I am taking that as a good sign! I can tell him how knowledgeable I am about Tillamook, Oregon and its unfairly delicious ice cream.
   This week was a very disappointing one. Our key indicators were about a quarter of what we have been averaging this transfer. Almost no one opened the door or answered our calls. It was embarrassing to go rough a whole day not having contacted anyone despite our efforts. Yesterday our ward mission leader, Brother Carlisle, talked to us about true success and why we should take joy in our efforts. It was a good reminder.
   I found out yesterday that there is a very good chance that the temple cultural celebration will be in the University of Wyoming basketball stadium. It is the cheapest and largest available facility. The temple is fast approaching and I am quite excited. (Me too! I already got him an embroidered handkerchief...but I can't find it!! HA!)
   I got the vitamins and the body wash! Thank you very much. I am so happy that I don't have to move this transfer. Moving is quite the pain.
   Yesterday someone told me that I am, "almost done with my mission". The thought made me shudder. I still have some time to go. I need to go find some snow for a picture. (I will attach his picture!)


Elder Andrew Campbell

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