Monday, April 4, 2016

Got a Jeep Compass and We Love It!

Mother and Father,

   (Last week he merely mentioned having his foot run over by a car and then going to the hospital. I was glad he was fine, but I wanted DETAILS!! So this is what I got.) Okay, so the foot story goes like this. Some awesome members were dropping us off on 9th street after taking us to visit people in the boonies. I had put one foot out when they thought I had left the vehicle and started pulling away. So, the car was not rolling over my toes, but onto my ankle and up my calf. I yelped and pulled my foot out from it, and I walked away with only some residual pain. Lingering pain in that area lead me to get it checked out. It turns out we are all clear though. (Since he has been carless... wondered how far away things were from his apartment.) The church is about 2 miles away, the hospital about 2.5. Walmart is like 4 miles away but we have always gotten a ride.
   (We had General Conference this past weekend. It is on TV, and there were 10 hours worth of talks given. I wondered who his favorite speakers were?) I would say my favorite talks of conference President Eyring's opening talk, Elder Duncan's, President Nelson's, and Elder Holland's. I cried during the Choir's rendition of Come Thou Fount. That one was especially beautiful. I also really liked Elder Snow's talk because I love me some hymns and I especially love humility.
   On Tuesday morning we tracted exactly one door and taught a lesson and got a new investigator. We since taught the rest of the family and it is awesome. On Thursday it was three doors and it happened again! They have good spirits about them as well. We did not teach any of the people you asked about this week, but that should be happening this week. (He went out to dinner with one of my former high school students who lives in Laramie, now.) It was great seeing Amy. (I don't know much about his companion, so I wanted to know where he was from.)  Elder Navarro has been all over the place, but he is originally from West Sacramento. (Hey, that's in our neck of the woods!)
   I did get my bedding out of the Mr. Mac bag, and I am keeping it, because it will come in handy next time I move. (I sent him the pictures I'm attaching.) Dang, do I look fat in the picture with L. Though in my defense I have gained a fair amount of muscle. Walking 5 miles a day makes my appetite too big. This morning I wrote out my weight loss plan. Pray for me in that category. And yes, this is the seven week transfer. We just entered week six, so two weeks to go! I really like this area a lot, so I would not mind staying here for another one.
   So, we just got a car. Some missionaries just got their driving privileges taken away, and we have benefitted. Now we can visit the towns that are like fifty miles away. It's a Jeep Compass and we love it. ( he better drive carefully so he won't lose his privilege. Glad the HUGE snowstorms have passed. I wonder if more are on the horizon.)
   General Conference was a lovely event. I am probably more excited to read all the talks and get as much out of it as I can. I pray that the spirit will attend as we study this newest revelation.


Elder Andrew Campbell

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