Monday, April 25, 2016

New Companion from Salem, OR!

Mother and Father,

 (He's still in Laramie. Has a new companion. Doesn't have a car anymore, so having to "hoof" it everywhere. Things are slow. Hopefully things will pick up in time!)

  Honestly, I really miss Elder Navarro. He came to be a real friend to me. My new companion is Elder Davis.  He is from Salem, Oregon. He has served in Loveland and Greely. He has five older siblings, and he is nineteen years old. He went to Spague High School. He currently has no post-mission plans. He doesn't really like candy bars, but he loves Thin Mints. His favorite food is stuffed pizza from Papa Murphy's. His favorite color is blue. He has never been to Tillamook. (His loss!)
   Sister Taysom finishes her mission this Summer when President Brown goes home. (She is the wonderful senior missionary who posts pictures of the missionaries. I love that lady!)
    I got a CD from Molly today. (He worked with her on her music for this CD.)  It is quite nice. I have done a little listening and it was quite nice. I don't really know what else to tell you. Nothing much in the way of interesting stuff happened. I have completed first and second Nephi. I am trying to complete the Book of Mormon in a few weeks. (Hopefully things will pick up and he'll have more to share next week.)


Elder Andrew Campbell

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