Monday, April 11, 2016

Rock River, Wyoming!!

Mother and Father,

   I would say the highlight of this week was tracting in Rock River! If you don't know what that is, it's a tiny little town in the middle of no where. (Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Rock River, WY....As of the census of 2010, there were 245 people, 94 households, and 72 families residing in the town. The town has a total area of 2.33 square miles The town has one restaurant, The Longhorn Restaurant, owned by a longtime couple who also run a lodge and the only store in town, and it is run and managed by a local family. The food is classic American Diner/Comfort food, all home-cooked. Open year round, with varying hours for the seasons, it caters to the locals as well as tourists, seasonal visitors, and hunters. It is the only restaurant on the stretch of road between Laramie and Medicine Bow. I should tell him to go out to eat there next time he and his companion go there!! This is what he had to say about the town.....) There is one Baptist church there, and EVERYONE in the town goes there. They have all been saved by grace and don't need to hear what we have to say. They were all quite nice though. We did meet an English guy named Ron who invited us back. His plumbing was backing up when we knocked his door, so he was busy. (What perfect timing...HA!)
   (I got a lovely email from a sweet sister in his ward that feeds him. She has themed dinners. This one was baseball. They had hot dogs, French fries and went home with Cracker Jacks. LOVE THAT!! Her aunt, who is not a member, is living with her right now.) Sister S's aunt was very kind to us. She even came to church yesterday and looked happy to be there. (I asked him what we should feed our missionaries this coming Saturday. This was his reply:) In my experience, missionaries don't care as much about what they get to eat as the members think. People are always saying that they hear the elders always get lasagna, so they don't do lasagna. Who ever complained about getting a ton of lasagna? I wish we got it more. Think of a few options, and ask the missionaries which one they want!  (Maybe I'll make lasagna...HA!)
   There is a big mansion on the top of only hill in the city of Laramie. Elder Navarro and I decided to tract it. We got some nice pictures up there, but no one was home... (I'll attach his picture.) We tracted into a family that is engaged to be married soon and he is a member but she is not. He is not on our ward records, but when we walked in the first thing I saw was a set of LDS scriptures on
the bookshelf. Alas, for the most part, no one has been answering our calls or opening the door for us. How are we supposed to preach the gospel unto repentance if we don't see people at least semi-regularly?
   This week I have been studying the Gospel of Jesus Christ a lot. I realize how grateful I am for it and having it in its fullness. Everyone has been telling us that confessing Christ is ALL they will ever need. I am working on being able to help these people understand that there is more to be understood. The Missionary Department has been hammering down on making sure we teach repentance well. I don't think that is coincidence, because repentance is where we differ from most Protestant faiths. They do, however, have an incredible love for our
Savior, Jesus Christ, which I will always respect.
   (I asked him about his hospital visit and how it got paid. Today I got the bill. YAY!) I put my Missionary Medical insurance as my insurance at the doctor's office and the hospital. It wasn't an emergency so Kaiser would never cover it. My back is doing quite well. My bad ankle has been very painful, but I work through it. The wind likes to stir up my allergies, and as the climate dries up they get more annoying, but if things get bad, I always have a few hundred shots of Flonase to help me out. If I could get more of those Vitamin B12 tablets you sent me, it would be great! That specific kind I have really liked. (Sorry, I just went on Amazon and sent him whatever kind I could find. Quick and simple...that's my motto! Also, this is a weird one, but in Longmont at the discount grocer, they had this awesome lavender body wash by a company called Field Day. It is all organic with no sulfates, so the hydration it provides is amazing. I am coming close to the end, but I would like some more because of how great it is. (Done! Thank you AMAZON!!!!)
 I hope you have a lovely week!


Elder Andrew Campbell

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