Monday, June 20, 2016

Chalk Art....Wyoming Hereford Ranch....VA Hospital

Mother and Father,

   This week was lacking in dull moments. I don't think the excitement
ever stops. I think I will lay it out day by day.
Monday: We were street contacting on the University of Laramie campus, when a
Christian Evangelist stopped and talked to us. We shared with him about the temple and he was very interested. We should meet up with him again. (I hope they do meet up again!)
Tuesday: Our Bishop got a call from a woman in Greely about a woman that just moved here. She had told her about priesthood blessings and this woman moving here said she would like one. We met with her and taught a short lesson and gave her a blessing with our ward missionary named Kenny. He is a great guy. Later that day we got some sidewalk chalk and we went around town drawing Fort Collins temples on the sidewalks with the open house dates and our phone number. (Picture attached and the video will be in another email.)
Wednesday: We taught Shana again with our ward mission leader, Brother Carlisle. She has had a hard life, but she felt the spirit and loved the Book of Mormon. We practiced singing our song for Zone Conference that day as well.
Thursday: We had zone conference! It was on a ranch in Cheyenne. It was the Wyoming Hereford Ranch, which is the oldest fully documented ranch in America. The spirit was strong and President Brown said his goodbyes. He honestly loves us. He said his greatest regret was his failure in showing that love to his missionaries. But, his ultimate goal was for our hearts to be pointed towards the Lord, and not to him, so he is not worried if we don't like him, because he knows we are closer to the Lord. President Brown goes home on June 30th, the same day President McMurry flies in. I also got to pet a horse. (Picture attached!)
 Friday: I am trying to remember what happened today. I remember we went and saw Grandma in the morning, then we ate some mac and cheese casserole. We sat at a bus stop waiting for a bus that never came, then we helped some people from Rawlins who were stranded here in Laramie. We also did service at the food bank and knocked some doors.
Saturday: We had a zone fast, which turned out to be the hardest fast I have ever done. Fasting while knocking on doors all day in the hot sun adds an element of difficulty. We also moved a new member of the ward. He is actually the Bishop's son. We didn't have a dinner so we grilled some chicken and it was the most gratifying meal I have ever had! (Glad that 80 pounds of frozen chicken is coming in handy!)
Sunday: Shana came to church and she loved it! She said she plans on coming back every week. (That just makes me so happy. She is on my prayer list!) An awesome woman in the ward jumped in and saved us because our planned fellowshipper was out of town. Shana is going to be cooking dinner for us tomorrow with a few of her new friends from church as well as a lesson afterwards! Then, yesterday evening we get a call from a man we do not know who is staying in a motel in town. He said he had met a new friend who was spiritually
lost and had been praying for guidance. He invited him to hear from us. So, we hightailed it over there, a several mile journey, and taught him the Restoration and gave him a baptismal date of July 24th. His name is Charlie by the way.
This Morning: We had another lesson with Charlie in which we learn he is heading to the VA hospital in We pray he will get the help he needs and will continue learning about the gospel there. I got a haircut! (And not at the VA Hospital...I asked. He said a sister in the ward, Sis. Shumway, gave him a haircut. Thank you, Sis. Shumway!)
   I am afraid I do not know what tag pictures are. I will send you some pictures from the week though! And yes, Bishop Means did write to me. (Thank you Bishop Means!) (I wondered where he played disc golf.) There is an 18 hole disc golf course in Laramie, but we will likely be playing chair soccer today.
   This week I realized that I have been doing a major aspect of my mission completely wrong, and I am not the only one. (Now that he has less than 5 months left?) Doctrine and Covenants 8:10 reads, "Remember that without faith you can do nothing; therefore ask in faith. Trifle not with these things; do not ask for
that which you ought not." We approach missionary work so faithlessly, thinking that we need to be able to say the right thing. We forget so easily that the spirit will convert our investigators, and the people we meet on the street. They will crave the spirit they feel and desire it more. That spirit comes by our faith, preparation, and
charity. (Very wise words! I just love this young man!!)


Elder Andrew Campbell

(The first attachment is of Elder Campbell in the park where they did chalk drawings for the upcoming Temple Open House. I LOVE this picture so much!)

Cowboy Campbell!!

Cat picture for the week!!

A note to Elder Campbell from Elder Butler

The making of the chalk art temple picture......


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