Monday, June 6, 2016

Eating Hot Wings and Playing Disc Golf

Mother and Father,

   We did get Elder Butler's gift box and he loved it so much. (Yay! I sent him things from Chicago...since that is where he is from!) believe he is from the Chaumberg First Ward. (Brian thinks that's near the airport.) i am indeed the recipient of an emergency transfer. He did some gnarly stuff in his last area.(Whatever that means!)  He is a good kid though and I like having him as my companion.
   We did some exciting stuff this week. We found a new investigator from Ghana named Mavis. (Another, YAY!) She has an excellent spirit. She is skeptical, but the spirit will convert her. We also have a new referral. Apparently he just got out of prison and he read the Book of Mormon there. He considers himself to be fully converted and he wants to be baptized. We should hopefully meet him tomorrow( grateful for the Atonement!) We also had a conversation yesterday afternoon with an evangelical Christian name Tim. He Bble-bashed pretty hard but he was a nice guy. (Sounds like they are keeping busy.)
   This week Elder Butler and I had some discussions in our companionship study this week about the tools our great adversary uses. We came to the word "counterfeit", and Elder Butler declared it to be the most accurate description. A counterfeit is a fraudulent imitation of something else. Satan doesn't just bombard us with bad stuff. He gives us an imitation of the right stuff. That is why we need the Book of Mormon, because it was given to us to help us see through deception. (I love that analogy. Although these young men are so young, they are so wise.)
   Elder Butler, despite not needing to lose weight at all, has agreed to diet with me to help me do it more effectively. I told him I wanted to lose weight on our first day, and we detailed a diet plan that we would hold each other to. We have not broken it yet! (It's almost a week...that's impressive.)
   Sorry this is getting to you late. I was in the midst of eating hot wings (Must be on the diet plan!) and playing disc golf. I lost Elder Butler's extra disc in the
lake. I hope he forgives me. (Just sent some using Amazon Prime!) I love you all!

Love again,

Elder Andrew Campbell

1-24) I got to pet this cat for a little bit.
1-25) Got this at Goodwill today!
1-23) Elder Butler post-Frisbee golfing

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