Monday, June 27, 2016

A Visit from Congressman Norm and Luana Shumway with Elder Andrew Campbell!!

(Not as upbeat as usual...had a bad night sleep, so he's moving slowly.)

Mother and Father,

  (BJ, our oldest son, got a recruiting phone call from Google. They want him to work for them in Boulder, CO. Andrew served there, so he sent him his opinion of Boulder. Ooopps!) I sent BJ my thoughts on his job offer. Google would have to make me a millionaire to get me to go live there!
   This week was not quite as wild as the last one, but we still had some excitement. Last night I slept really badly, so I am not really in the email writing mood, but I will do my best.
   This week we thought Shana was going to have to move out of Laramie, but that may not be the case after all. She came to church again and loved it. It's so sweet because she keeps telling how grateful she is that we came into her life and that Elder Butler and I and are the two finest young men she has ever met. She has also made a lot of friends in the ward. She is becoming one of the members. (That's so wonderful, I hope she chooses to get baptized.)
   On Saturday we were walking down the street when a man stopped us and asked us if we helped clean houses? We said, "...Sure!" Then we went to his house and helped him by peeling off hundreds of sticky glow-in-the-dark stars from his ceiling. It turns out he was going through a really hard time and was in desperate need of company more than anything else and we did him a greater service than we thought we could. We should be teaching him later this week! We also have another investigator we are teaching tonight. She is a referral who called the Bishop and said she wanted to learn more! (Wow, that's sounds pretty golden!!)
   This week we did service for the food bank's commodity delivery. They got a giant delivery of eggs they were not expecting. In the end they gave us two boxes of egg cartons, totaling 360 eggs! (WHAT???!!!) We have been having too great of a time having eggs for breakfast and giving them out! (Okay, Connie Jo, time for egg recipes this time!)
  Also this week, Sister Weatherford's parents came into town! I met the famous Norm Shumway! (He was a Congressman from our area and his wife was my mom's friend.) I will attach a picture! (Picture is attached along with a picture of his weekly cat picture.)
  I am sorry, I would have a lot more to say but I am not feeling well and emailing is taxing. Know that I love you all so much.


Elder Andrew Campbell

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