Monday, June 13, 2016

The Fort Collins Colorado Temple Open House is coming!!!

(Looks like a happy week in Laramie....YAY!!)

Mother and Father,

   (Andrew has already requested that he'd like Cafe Rio catered at his wedding reception. I gave him the good news that Cafe Rio is coming to SACRAMENTO!!) That is some beautiful news. Cafe Rio always pulls through, doesn't it? 
   (Last week Elder Campbell confessed to throwing his companion's disc golf disc in the lake, so I got on my trusty Amazon Prime account and sent them a new set.) So, Elder Butler and I did get that package, and since Elder Butler already has a complete set, he decided the gift should be for me. So, I am officially a disc golf hobbyist with a complete 4 disc set. We played this morning and I did awful. Elder Leavitt said they were pretty good ones, too. I just need to learn what I am doing, as I have absolutely no idea. (Me either!)
   This week was really awesome in the fact that we got the official invitations for the Fort Collins Temple Open House! (I will attach one for each of you!) We have just been going out and talking to people about the temple and it is a ton of fun. We met a very kindly couple from Montana that were pretty interested in going inside. As far as teaching goes, this week was kind of dead. Everyone we told you about last week didn't even get taught this week. Everyone is just...moving slowly. Except for us, of course, we have been moving so fast and hard.(Good job!)
    We had a zone meeting this week, and we talked about how we are going to teach people about the temple. What we are working on is improving our teaching of basic principles about the temple and its purpose, and we are inviting members who are bringing their friends to allow us to teach them a little more about it before they go in. I found this quote about the temple in the Ensign that I found quite poignant, "The work that goes on in these buildings sets forth God’s eternal purposes with reference to man, who is God’s child and creation. For the most part, temple work is concerned with the family, with each of us as members of God’s eternal family and with each of us as members of earthly families. It is concerned with the sanctity and eternal nature of the marriage covenant and family relationships. It affirms that each man and woman born into the world is a child of God, endowed with something of His divine nature. The repetition of these basic and fundamental teachings has a salutary effect upon those who receive them, for as the doctrine is enunciated in language both beautiful and impressive, the participant comes to realize that since every man and woman is a child of Heavenly Father, then each is a member of a divine family; hence, every person is his brother or sister." I honestly, for the first time in my life, felt a bit of excitement about the sealing of all mankind back to our Heavenly Father. I am honestly stoked that it is happening.
   I pet another cat this week. I will send the footage. (It is attached at the end of this email.)  It is quite a joyful experience when it happens. The weather has been...interesting. We have had heavy rain every afternoon. The rivers are starting to flood. Yesterday we went to our favorite place....Rock River! A new member moved out there and just got there the night before, so a bunch of guys from the Elder's Quorum went out to move his furniture. The town tends to be an inactivity maker. Every family that moves out there goes inactive. This family has committed to be the first that makes it! I will pray for them. Speaking of praying for people, we have been asked to pray for our incoming mission President, President McMurray, that he will have a smooth transition to being our president. Maybe you could pray for him, too! (I will happily do that!) Also, we have held to the diet! I think I have lost some weight. I pray you will all be well!


Elder Andrew Campbell

A very regal cat! 

Two awesome things in one picture! 

The Fort Collins Temple Open House 

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