Monday, August 29, 2016

Elder Campbell and Elder Campbell in Scottsbluff, NE!

Mother and Father,

   (A friend wanted to send him a birthday card since his birthday is Saturday...luckily he did send me a temporary address!!)  I do wish I could tell you my new mailing address, but we are getting a new apartment this week, but I do not know its address. I will try to work something out to tell you.
   Now, it is time for the big news. My new companion is named....Elder Campbell! (That did make me LOL!!) Yes, it is not a joke. He is from Las Vegas. His full name is Konrad Joseph Campbell. (Our missionary is Andrew Joseph they have a lot in common!) He comes from a part-member family and he was the only active member of his family for most of his life. He said his favorite candy bar is Twix and his favorite snack is Goldfish. He is into engineering and golf. I asked if he liked disc golf and he said it is all right, but it's just not golf. He is so green; it is awesome. I have been feeling a bit of that fire as well. Being with him is quite enjoyable. (I am so glad to hear this since they will be together for 12 weeks!!)
   Everyone told me that Nebraska was going to be flat as all get out. That, however, is just not true. We have a bunch of bluffs to the south and the Wildcat Hills, which are essentially a pine forest. It is honestly more pleasant scenery than Laramie. It is honestly kind of hot. It has been pushing ninety. The whole area reminds me of Lodi. It is more humid than the rest of the mission and it is very green and full of agriculture...with a sub-urban cityscape similar to Lodi. There is a giant regional hospital here that is the main employer and there is a sugar company undergoing major expansion. There is also a ton of corn farms. (Sounds pretty.)
  So, my district consists of Elder Midgley and Elder Christianson who serve in the Scottsbluff Ward. Elder Midgley is from Leeds, England, and Elder Christianson is from Pasa Robles, California. Elder Gardiner and Elder Borges serve in the Alliance Branch. Elder Gardiner is from Alberta, near Cardston, and Elder Borges is from somewhere in Brazil. The Sister missionaries serving in Sidney said where they are from but I do not remember. I think Sister Kaupert is from San Jose. Then, serving in Torrington, Wyoming, are the Winders. They are a senior couple
from Blackfoot, Idaho.
   We live with the Scottsbluff elders in their apartment while we wait for our apartment to close. They are a lot of fun to live with. I like it a lot! There is a Wal-mart just two blocks away and we have a washer and dryer in our apartment (Nice!). My ward actually covers the city of Gering and Terrytown and a whole bunch of outlying areas. We actually have two additional counties, Banner County and Morrill County. (That's a lot of area!)
    Our ward is a bit on the smaller side. We are working on doing what we can to strengthen it. I honestly have no idea what the size of the nursery is. (Hey, I was just wondering!)  We have a golden investigator named A. We have been doing a lot of tracting because we need new investigators and referrals are not coming and we have an empty area book. Our zone has a goal of finding 300 new investigators and I have been trying to inspire the district to find as hard as they can. (That's a mighty lofty goal!) Also, there is a zoo here and we do service there. (That sounds very fun!)  I need to go but I love you all.


Elder Andrew Campbell

(He sent two cat pictures. One is of a BIG cat and the other is of a normal-sized cat.) 

(The new missionaries with Elder Midgley's flag. Elder Campbell on the left.)

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