Monday, October 24, 2016

Finally A Chimney Rock Picture!!!

(Only three more emails!!)

Mother and Father,

   I once again am at a loss as to what to write to you about this week. We had stake conference this week. They actually hold two meetings; one in Cheyenne and one in Scottsbluff. It is harder having the two population centers of your stake separated by 100 miles. I really love the stake leadership. Stake President Thaddeus Brown is incredible. (I like his name!)  I would like to be like him one day. He is fully confident without being overbearing, he loves and leads with clarity, and he has incredible hair. (HA!)
   We also did some proselyting in Bayard, a small town in our area. Elder Campbell has endearingly named it Sketchtown, USA. I seriously get such a weary feeling when I am in there. It feels like a dream. The town seriously needs the gospel. On the bright side, Chimney Rock is located nearby, so we got some pictures! I will send one your way! (And I will attach it.) We also found some dogs that followed us. It is always a pleasure to have a friend when you're out knocking doors. (Guess there aren't as many cats in Nebraska.)
   Last week our mission had an emphasis on studying Preach My Gospel Chapter 1. My favorite quote from it is this statement, "Enjoying the gifts of the Spirit should be one of your most earnest desires." The gifts from our Heavenly Father are so great! Why aren't we seeking them constantly?
   Also, I had an exchange with Elder Gardiner serving in Alliance. We went up to make a contact in the Wildcat Hills near Gering. We got an excellent picture. (I will attach it also.) I am grateful for the chance to serve with Elder Gardiner and the progress he has made in our time here.
    Elder Campbell and I have been studying the Safeguards for Using Technology manual. I have appreciated it because he has been making me make plans for how I will use them upon my return home. I have seen that they are about so much more than staying away from wasteful activities on a computer, it is about making every act a deliberate, useful act in your life. I am excited for how I can apply them. I am getting really weird. (Getting weird? Hmmm, I might beg to differ!) I have committed to perform nightly planning sessions to make my days more effective. I can't believe myself, but I am excited for what I have learned and what I can apply. I hope you have an excellent week.


Elder  Andrew Campbell

(Finally a Chimney Rock picture. His dad is so happy! He looks like he's wearing a hat! His dog pictures. The "excellent picture" in the Wildcat Hills. Random other pictures!!)

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