Monday, October 17, 2016


(Only four more emails....I think I'M the one getting trunky!!)

Mother and Father,

   The Lord has been working a great work upon me this week. I have been blessed with a great gift of faith. The greatest gifts come from God, and I have been blessed with great peace of mind. It has come with a greater desire to repent and give my all to the Lord. I love my Savior Jesus Christ so much for what he has done for me.
   (INCREDIBLE or some variation seems to be the word of the day!) We did have the temple dedication and it was incredible. There was a great outpouring of the spirit. I pray that this area will be blessed with great spiritual power because of this temple. Afterward, we met up with the Scottsbluff elders in the parking lot and discussed what the spirit taught us during the dedication. It was great to feel so unified with them. I especially appreciated that the dedicatory prayer included stating that we were rededicating ourselves to the Lord.
   I did use the handkerchief you sent me. All the missionaries got free ones, but mine was extra special. (You use a white handkerchief as part of the dedication ceremony. For his birthday I sent one with the Fort Collins Temple embroidered on it along with Elder Andrew Campbell and the date of the dedication.) We also got recommends signed by President McMurray. And, we got to choose our session. We went to the noon one!
    Cheyenne is about 100 miles away, so going there is always a journey. The exchanges were great. I went with Elder Bush, my new zone leader, and a stellar fellow. (Wow, that's a great thing to be...a stellar fellow!) We got to work in the Prarie View Ward, the extra ward that the zone leaders picked up in addition to their current ward. It was incredible! Just in the day I spent there, we got several referrals and incredible member support. We even had a member present a lesson that was planned an hour in advance (I don't recommend doing it normally) that went fantastically.
   Then, we had zone meeting and interviews. During zone meeting I got to near my departing testimony. I am so grateful for the testimony I have developed on my mission. It didn't come the way I thought it would, but it came from Jesus Christ. Then, I had my departing interview. President McMurray gave me some basic advice. He told me to always pray, read my scriptures every day, always go to church, always do my home teaching and magnify my calling, and when I get to BYU to attend the temple weekly.
   The MyPlan system has been going for a few transfers now. I really like it. I do need to go soon, so I will marathon answer your questions. I did get the postcard and appreciated it. I would gladly clean Grandma's gutters, but I wouldn't be comfortable doing it alone. I just lack the confidence in my skills. I am going to work on getting a picture of Chimney Rock for Dad. I appreciate his letter and will work until the end. I love you all so much.

Love again,

Elder Andrew Campbell

(I think the pictures are of his zone and more Papa Murphy pizza!!!)

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