Monday, October 10, 2016

Mormon Trail Memorial

Mother and Father,

   The past 25 hours or so have been the most productive for missionary work here in the Chimney Rock Ward of all time! It all started when my friend Terrence walked into church because he had heard good things about it and wanted to find out. Brother Baird talked to him when he walked in and took him to Gospel Principles. We had the chance to teach him the first lesson there and he agreed to read and pray over the Book of Mormon. We should be meeting with him tomorrow(Awesome sauce!)
  Simultaneously,  we just helped a family in the ward move into their new apartment and we just got invited back to teach their unbaptized children. That will also take place tomorrow. Two investigator teaching appointments in one day is better than we have ever done here. (They are being blessed for being so good.)
   This week I also began the MyPlan program! It's requiring introspection beyond what I have ever done before. This week I had to write about the truths and the attributes the Lord has taught me. Here's some of what I recorded: "Heavenly Father is the giver of the most precious of gifts. All we have to do to receive them is ask. In fact, he will give whatsoever we ask for in the name of Jesus Christ." And "A faith and hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have gained a firm gratitude for the atonement and the great gift and what man is capable of because of it. I love Christ for what he has done for me and it moves me to action." (Pretty wise words from someone so young. I am grateful he was able to serve a mission and become such a strong young adult. 
   This week I get to go to Cheyenne for exchanges. We will be going on Wednesday night. Exchange for Thursday. Go to Zone Meeting in Cheyenne on Friday as well as receive my departing interview, and get back on Friday night. Also, we were doing some proselyting in Bayard, a town in our area that is right by the Chimney Rock. We found a Mormon Trail memorial! I am going to attach some pictures! 

   I need to go but you are the best!


Elder Andrew Campbell

(Attached are pictures of him and Elder Campbell making soup and them by the Mormon Pioneer Trail Memorial markers.)

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