Monday, March 2, 2015

Elder Andrew Campbell's First Baptism in Fort Collins, CO!

(I decided that any questions I have, I need to ask POINT BLANK at the beginning of his email. So I finally found out if he got the humidifier from the Cleverly Family in Fort Collins.)

Mother and Father,

   Why, yes, I did get the humidifier, and it is really awesome. My only worry is that it's a small room humidifier, and our bedroom is bigger than your house in Lodi.(That just breaks my heart...NOT!)  It is helping regardless! ( maybe no more bloody noses.)

(I next asked if their investigator, Rayann, was able to get baptized on Saturday?) Rayann's baptism did take place! We weren't sure until the last minute, but it happened. The Bishop baptized her, and she is so happy. (I told Elder Campbell that I went to a lesson of an investigator here in Lodi. His name is Jim. I told him that I decided to buy the Book of Mormon on CDs so Jim could listen to them since he's having a hard time finding time to read the book.) May I also note that you are my investigator fellowshipping hero? That is so kind of you to do that for him. When members of the ward step up like you have, that's when amazing things start to happen. A lot of members are just kind of lukewarm, but I know how proactive you are, and it is amazing.
  (I really wondered about Elder Blue's nationality. I have never met a Blue before.)  Elder Blue's nationality is Scottish. The Blue's and the Campbell's have had a blood feud for centuries. There's more Campbells. so we know who won! Actually the Campbells associated with the British, and the Blues were William Wallace style freedom fighters.

  It has gotten a bit cold, but it seems to bother me less and less. Maybe it's because I have a bit more natural insulation than I did in Utah. (I guess he's eating well in Colorado!) When I go outside I just accept that it's cold and move forward. Driving in the snow is scary, so I just pray and keep driving. (And I just keep praying, too!)
   (I told him I keep checking his email to see if he gets a letter from BYU's School of Music accepting or rejecting him into their school.) I believe that the School of Music sends out their letters a few weeks after BYU sends theirs. I'm still really hoping that I get accepted. I think I will, but i thought that last time. But, my application was about one hundred times better this time around.
   So, I heard that BYU beat #3 Gonzaga on Saturday night?! (We were pretty stoked!!) It's some of the most beautiful news I've heard. When Brother Evans told me about it, I started tearing up. I'm so proud of my hardwood heroes. Tyler Haws had better get drafted!

  (I usually ask if there is anything they want in the packages I send...I SHOULD NOT have asked. This request makes my head spin. If anyone reading this letter can do what he requests, I will pay you money. Please help!!) I do have a request for my package! Elder Moala was the music provider in the companionship, and we haven't really had any music since. I'm thinking some really awesome mission appropriate music would be the top 50 orchestral trance breakdowns album from the Uplifting Only podcast. If I could get that on a USB stick, that would be amazing. It's a collection of some of my favorite electronic songs, but mixed to be entirely orchestral music. I remember listening once and it was incredibly beautiful. That is my humble request. Have BJ work on it if you find it too difficult. (I will beg BJ or Michele or anyone else...and then he added this to the request....):
While we're on the music thing, if you could find a bunch of recordings of Music and the Spoken Word and put it on there as well, that would be amazing! (AMAZING!!! HELP! HELP!!)
   Some other exciting things of the week: Rayann is moving to Longmont, and her former common-law husband, Albert, is staying here, and he really wants to hear our message. There's been some bad blood between them in the past, but Rayann really wants him to get baptized so that they can work on getting sealed next year. Michael, who we had thought had been completely dropped, contacted us this week, and we have an appointment for Wednesday. He believes in the Book of Mormon, but he has serious qualms with our teaching that Heavenly Father has a body of flesh, and that the Fall of Adam and Eve was a positive transgression, rather than a heinous sin. He will come to know all truth in time. We also had a media referral! A former Spanish professor at CSU asked for a Book of Mormon for "intellectual curiosity". He is Catholic, but has had really positive experiences with LDS people. We will see how that goes.
   Well, I love you both, and I pray for you Mom. I will pray for Jim as well.


Elder Andrew Campbell

P.S. Attached is a picture of us before the baptism. I look like I really need to loosen up. Needless to say, I am not very photogenic. (I think he looks adorable!)

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