Monday, March 16, 2015

Australian Rowing Dogs and Goathead Thorns

(After last week's email....I was very nervous about how things were going. I prayed super hard that he and his companions would work out their differences. I was also concerned about his reaction to not getting into the School of Music at BYU. I asked him several important questions...and he answered NONE of them! At least we got a cute picture this week!)

Mother and Father,

   Well shoot, not getting into the School of Music throws a wrench into my plans. Alas, it doesn't really faze me. I think it's what I'm going to end up doing, regardless of this setback. Something more important has entered my life, however. Last night, my companions and I spent quite a bit of time discussing the mission politics, and to be honest, it is seriously a mess. The mission has a goal of 50 baptisms next transfer, and no one really cares. We found out that the Denver North Mission has a goal of 1001 baptisms and the missionaries are rallying around it. We appear to have lost our vision of being humble and obedient servants of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our mission culture is in serious need of fundamental change. I know that my actions can't change everything, but righteous living can bring us a long way. My companions are convinced that I'm going to be a trainer, and to be honest, I see it coming. (Whatever the Lord sees fitting will happen...not always what your companions think might. I just hope he continues to be humble and obedient. That will get him far.)
   Anywho, this week was a wild one. My companions and I had a companionship inventory: extended edition on Friday. We had a long talk and while I still don't understand them or the things they do, we can stand each other a bit more. (Hallelujah!! My prayers were answered.) Our lesson with Judy didn't involve any muffins, but it was excellent. She had an Australian rowing dog, or something like that, and I've decided that's the kind of dog I want when I'm a real adult. (I tried looking that dog breed up, but with no luck. I'm glad he said he wanted one when he was a REAL adult. HA!) We taught her the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon, and she readily accepted the commitment to read and pray. This week Michael prayed to know the truth and his hand was guided to Acts 3:25 which he takes as a partial confirmation of the truthfulness of this church. He is scheduled for baptism April 18th. I thought he was done for a long, long time, but even when he rejected our teachings, he says he kept feeling a tug back towards us. The man has read every anti-Mormon resource known to man, and yet they only hindered him for a moment. Rayann's aunt, who is a former member, did the same to her, but Rayann didn't care, because she knew what she needed to do. She moved to Longmont last week, and atten

ded church there for the second time yesterday. Apparently she's getting ready to have her children move in, and she is finding people in need and taking them to church with her. She is such a sweet spirit. Our Waffle House journey was unsuccessful, as she wasn't there, but we will find her! (Proud of his missionary moments and I continue to pray for all of these people.)
   I got the package, and it made me very happy. I wore the tie on Saturday, because I thought it was Saint Patrick's Day, but it turns out I was wrong. (But I think he's wearing it in the picture he sent, so that made me happy. I sent both missionaries green ties that I bought at Goodwill. YEAH!!) We went biking out to see a less-active that lives in the middle of nowhere and got incredibly lost. We took some pictures on some land we were probably trespassing on and had a good/bad time. I ran over some goathead thorns and now have a flat tire. (Never heard about goathead thorns and I wonder where he got a bike. We never bought one. Hmmmmm??!!!) Our fridge is now covered in leprechaun magnets as well. (Part of the St. Patrick's Day package.) 

  The Fort Collins Temple's completion is still a bit out, but I think it will be dedicated early next year. The missionary's get to go to the temple at their year mark and just before they go home. It's actually quite a controversial subject. There are a lot of people saying it should be more often, especially for a mission with such a high rate of missionaries leaving for depression. Alas, it will be what it must be. I should hopefully have some more pictures by the end of my emailing session.


Elder Andrew Campbell
My guess is this is Andrew with Elder Sharp. I've seen pictures of Elder Blue, and this isn't him, so, I'm guessing Elder Sharp!

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